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  1. Downsized wheels/tires that maintain suspension geometry

    So getting a 18 x 9.5 +45 offset is better than lets say 18 x 9.5 +38 due to the +60 offset of the OEM rims/scrub radius issue? I've been eyeing the TE37SL and they both have it in +38 and +45, just don't know if it comes down to preference or if there's a justified reasoning that one should...
  2. New to CIVICX Just bought a Limited Edition 2021 Type R

    I was waiting for someone to comment about the Tylenol referencing the LE purchase... thank you sir *tips top hat*
  3. LED Fog Lights white or yellow?

    I got white/yellow switchbacks from DDM Tuning when I had my '19 Si, and basically to switch between colors once the fogs are on, you quickly (in 1 second) turn off/on your foglight switch and it'll change to the other color and vice versa... if you turn off/on your foglight switch greater than...
  4. Driver side floor

    Bumping this as I just noticed the same thing in my 21 TypeR.. around the area where my left foot could rest flat
  5. DIY Ceramic Coating a brand new 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

    Do you have a link list of all the parts you bought for the process?
  6. 2023 CTR

    The rear tail light def give me that Audi A4 feel to them
  7. Cleaning Alcantara wheel

    Any suggestions on using protectant/stain repellant for the alcantara after cleaning it?
  8. Ohio Acuity 10th Gen Honda Civic Shifter Kit

    do you have pics of the shifter bushings? Also... everything still available?
  9. Georgia SOLD***JB4 tuner with Bluetooth Connection for Honda Civic Type R

    tacking on, if you own a 20-21 Type R, It's the $695 for the Flashpro, $75 for the CAN Bypass module, and then $250 for the Online Jailbreak... yeah it adds up 😭
  10. Admins please delete