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  1. Official 2020 Boost Blue Type R Picture Thread

    what lugs you got on there
  2. FC headlights

    whats output looking like better then oem or same
  3. CTR Owners In NC?

    Meet is canceled not enough people are available please follow ncxgenz on Facebook and or nc type rs
  4. Too Old for The Type R?

    met a guy recently he was 83 lol i was like wow
  5. CTR Owners In NC?

    the address is on the screenshot and its for tmrw
  6. CTR Owners In NC?

    not sure its the first one but the first meet we had as around 40 type rs and this next meet is nc 10th gen civics thats joining us as well.
  7. CTR Owners In NC?

    his name is @chasewdrew on ig that was there he took a picture of your car lol we talk in a group chat on instagram
  8. CTR Owners In NC?

    We have a Facebook group nc type rs and Instagram as well Also have a meet this weekend if anybody is interested attached screenshot below
  9. NC Type R or 10th Gen Owners

    maybe other type r owners in the area would be able to help thats usually what i do or 10th gen owners. maybe ask for help on ncxgenz on facebook.
  10. NC Type R or 10th Gen Owners

    i didnt see it on type r page u must have sent it to ncxgenz
  11. NC Type R or 10th Gen Owners

    NC TYPE R owners join this Group 10th Gen Owners and CTR owners can join this one to we have our own meets as well. check out @ncxgenz on instagram or check it out on my page @dldavesfk8 look...


  13. Coilovers

    Hey Guys, i recently lowered my car on d2 springs looks good but there's a clunking noise still, torque the top hats down with impact gun still the same issues. i then seen somebody selling d2 coilovers for a steal so i bought them now i keep seeing so many people selling d2 coilovers rs series...
  14. The FK8 Wiki: Tuning and technical info

    thanks for all your time for this!
  15. CTR Owners In NC?

    we have a few type rs in our group look us up NCXGENZ on either Instagram or facebook we also have charlotte group as well. bout 100 members
  16. Swift Vs. Eibach

    I wonder if theres swift springs for hatchback