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  1. 2016 Civic Coupe: Detroit Auto Show

    Stunning pictures guys well done! I can't wait to see this car in person and that blue is the bee's knees.
  2. Seeing other 16's civics

    That shows you that the nameplate itself has appeal. Now that the design can stand on its own without the Civic name, it's bound to break some recent records. I want to see it overtake the Camry in sales (it'll be tough) but at the same time, it's cool that such a high volume car is kind of...
  3. First sighting of 2016 CIvic Coupe out in public (video)

    That's good to know, thanks. So we should expect reviews out well before the coupes hit dealerships. Anyone remember how long after the sedan reviews did they become available?
  4. Real life pics of 2016 Civic vs 2015 Civic Sedan

    Hah so true and good way to put it. It's great to see the Civic has some personality back and isn't trying to be the automotive equivalent of lukewarm water. I can't wait to see even more heavily modded Civic X's running around (tho I've only seen one "in the wild" myself).
  5. A little plastidip for the chrome parts and H symbol

    Dude. Well done. I'm bookmarking this one and will be doing exactly this when I get mine.
  6. A little plastidip for the chrome parts and H symbol

    Dude. Well done. I'm bookmarking this one and will be doing exactly this when I get mine.
  7. Delivery checklist?

    You have the major ones I always look for. Also I always check for leaks under the car and make sure the fabric/carpeting isnt stained or dirtied up. If you have the dealer install anything make sure its fully operational and there are no marks, scratches, scuffs or other damage from the install.
  8. Bigger wheels for your Civic? What is the Max you would go?

    In case you missed it in the other thread, the 18's look just about perfect to me. There's not a ton of room above that. If you still want bigger I'd go no bigger than 19's otherwise as others have said not only will it look bad but it will ride poorly too.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Not a bad idea. I wish I had tried this before plastidipping somethings in the past. The blacked out Honda emblem looks really good, I'd keep it. Heck I may even do this with my Accord.
  10. Any issues so far (fit & finish/panel alignment etc)?

    The heck. Is it only when accelerating or also while maintaining that speed? How often does it stutter?
  11. 2016 Civic Coupe modified in different colors, wheels, brakes (updated w/ more angles and wheels)

    Beautiful! I hope the green they offer on the coupe looks like this and man the wheels make all the difference.
  12. 2016 Civic Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far?

    You have to plug in for Carplay?Is this some kind of conflict with Honda's own bluetooth phone connection/pairing? I was looking forward to using it on the new Civic too. I hope just a firmware update will do it.
  13. White 2016 Civic with Underbody Spoilers accessories

    Take off the chrome piece and it would look good IMO. I like the side skirt but the rear bumper fin has to go. It looks out of place and tacked on. Otherwise I like that the underbody fills the car out more and give sit more muscle.
  14. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    An inch lower is going to be a prob. The sedan is already lower than the 9th gen. It may just be good for emergency use then.
  15. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    You predict the coupe headroom... ?
  16. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    Did we ever find out what the headroom difference is between sedan and coupe?
  17. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Congrats! Now that you have it home do you still regret the color choice? Personally I think WOP looks really premium on the new Civic.
  18. Headroom in the Coupe

    Thanks for the responses. Glad to hear the front seats won't be an issue, I'd hate to have to slouch to drive comfortably. My worry with the coupe is the really raked roof, they said it's so much flatter that a portion of it where it touches the windshield is actually lower than the sharkfin...
  19. Baby car seats anyone?

    Would like to know this as well since I have a 1 yr old. Any of the new owners able to help out? this is the only one I could find from a 2014 Civic sedan, the owner said he is 5'10 for reference how far forward the driver's seat is. I'd think it will be an even more comfortable fit...
  20. Headroom in the Coupe

    I'm loving what I see so far on the coupe. One thing that worries me is headroom. I read they lowered the roof by 1" compared to the sedan.. but does that equate to a full 1" less headroom? I'm a big guy (6'3") and my whole family is pretty tall. I worry about both front and rear head...