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  1. Best shops near the Maryland/Pennsylvania line

    Need some recommendations for shops in the area… tuning,custom fab, installs,, etc. Thanks in advance
  2. Pennsylvania NT05 tires

    Anyone have a NEW set of 265/35R18 NT05s near the PA/MD line? I have a brand new set of NT555 g2’s I could trade and add cash on top, or just buy them outright. Thanks in advance
  3. Maryland LF aftmkt lug nuts

    Anyone selling some nice aftermarket fk8 lug nuts? Don’t really want to wait 6 months for my Rays set to come in.
  4. Eibach Pro

  5. Pennsylvania PRL HVI

    Anyone have a street MAF HVI? My ship date keeps getting pushed by months at a time. Maryland/Pennsylvania line preferred
  6. Eibach Pro

    sup yall. recently purchased a set of Eibach pro lowering springs and megan rear camber arms. I will be sitting on18'' Enkei TS-5w/nitto nt05 265/35r18... my question is will i even need the camber arms and is there anything else I will need to get or do?
  7. Maryland LF wheels and tires near Baltimore,MD

    Looking for 18x9.5 +45 preferred and either Nitto NT05 or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Contact in 265/35R18
  8. K20C max output?

    Yeah I bought the jail break with the flash pro. I was thinking I might be close to the 400 mark.
  9. K20C max output?

    Recently bought a 2020 and have ordered PRL HVI(street MAF),Titanium inlet pipe, Billet intercooler and upgraded charge pipes, PRL catted DP, AWE touring exhaust, and Hondata flash pro with phearable stage 2. If any one has a similar setup, what numbers have you seen? Also, with a factory...