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    Can you comment on the output?

    Very tempted because I love the look, but the reviews about the output worries me 😐
  3. Hatchback owners, have you slept/camped in the back yet?

    Great idea! How do you open the hatch from the inside when you want to get out?
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Great combination with the vland + suma. How are the headlights working out for you? Any issues with the throw distance/output being too weak?
  5. Installed VLAND LED Headlights and DRLs won’t turn off.

    Thanks for clarifying! Are there any promo codes for forum members? Please DM!
  6. Installed VLAND LED Headlights and DRLs won’t turn off.

    Thanks for the quick reply! I really love the look of the LED housing, but read some mixed reviews about the output. Also looking for the simplest plug-n-play install without having to splice wires, tap into the battery, etc. Just want to remove the bumper and do the swap with the connectors...
  7. Installed VLAND LED Headlights and DRLs won’t turn off.

    Which wire is this? What is the purpose of it if it's meant to be left unplugged? 🤯 Also, how is the output?
  8. Is This a Revised Version of Vland Headlights?

    Hi, old post, but where did you order these with the updated wiring? I'm interested in the most plug-n-play install; no tapping into the battery with extra wires and having to hide/zip-tying them. Are the ones from Unity Performance the same VLAND brand?
  9. Wrap just the roof?

    I was originally thinking gloss black, but this looks very nice with the Rallye Red. Do you know the brand/name of the color wrap? 3M? I see you skipped the shark fin there. A local shop quoted me near $475+taxes for just the roof/fin 🙅‍♂️
  10. Wrap just the roof?

    Never thought about metallic! Can you post any pics?
  11. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    How easy was the install? Which fuse does it plug into and where is the ground wire? I'm not too handy 😅
  12. Glovebox

    Hook the bottom two claws in place at the bottom and squeeze the box on the sides to pop it back in.
  13. Retrofit Cargo SHELF for Civic Hatchback?

    You'd be hard pressed to find an existing tray with perfect measurements to repurpose here. Those garden trays are actually very flimsy; you would need a rigid tray to use it as a shelf for this purpose which is why I think trying to retrofit an existing cargo shelf would be the way to go. A...
  14. Please help!! My 16 year old daughter ran over a massive rock. What is this called? Can someone send me a link so I can replace it?

    Looks like the Lower Engine Cover Assembly. Cover Assembly, Engine (Lower) - Honda (74110-TBA-A00) 74110-TBA-A00 Make sure you check for your specific model/trim for fit.
  15. Retrofit Cargo SHELF for Civic Hatchback?

    I think we can take advantage of the flat surface of the bracket itself. An insert would fill the gap creating an even and more sturdy surface area. With the flat top on the brackets, the edges could be extended to fit another OEM shelf, such as the one from the Fit/Jazz or Mazda. Or a board...
  16. Retrofit Cargo SHELF for Civic Hatchback?

    I am not a fan of the hatchback tonneau cover (84400-TGG-A01ZA). It's basically an overly designed privacy shade that is somehow bulky, flimsy, and crazy expensive ($180-260) if you happen to damage/lose it. It solves a problem that could have been prevented had the upper cargo cover...
  17. New GT style front Lip installed!!

    4D is the sedan. 5D is hatchback. But it comes to the hatchback, Sport/Touring and "non-sport" (LX, EX, EX-L) are different. If you have a Sport, make sure it says it is for the Sport. I'm finding the options very limited for the Sport/ST 😢

    Bad install? Issue with the lip/design itself??
  19. Abs dynamics type R spoiler installation in NJ or Philadelphia

    Take and post pics of the process as a resource for future users :thumbsup: