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  1. Type R bumper conversion (California)

    socal accessories has retro fit r bumpers I think they’re around 450-500ish before taxes
  2. California WTB Acuity Short Shifter LA area

    Looking for a Acuity Short Shifter lmk what you got Willing to pay shipping if we can agree on a price Los Angeles Area
  3. Selling

    Members classified section fam you don’t have too much activity on your profile I’d definitely post a whole lot of pictures of the items you’re ganna sell
  4. Fucked up today - sheet metal yielded to jack stand, detached rocker panel

    This has actually happen to me twice lol don’t ask how haha mine didn’t end up too bad it just popped out the clip
  5. California Carbon Grill / PRL Frontpipe

    What’s your asking price for the grille?
  6. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    My synchros got worse when I installed the turbo (i already had synchro issues) so re tuning was put on a hold & turns out I had a huge oil leak from me not tightening the turbo oil feed line enough (don’t ask how 😐😐😐) & I had to buy a new clutch since we thought a weird ass noise was the clutch...
  7. 4th gear is making a weird sound with video

    I would definitely take off the adapter and see if the noise goes away with the oem setup
  8. I plan on eventually getting the 27Won W1 Turbo Upgrade, but I have a few questions before I commit to saving up for the parts, clutch, etc.

    +1 on the rv6 turbo that’s what I’m running 27won I’d go w2 and avoid the w1 bc of failure rates like another member here said best thing you can do is do your research
  9. Was gonna get these used wheels

    18 9.5 38 with 255/35 almost fit flush with the fender the poke is minimal that’s the setup I’m running on my si sedan
  10. I plan on eventually getting the 27Won W1 Turbo Upgrade, but I have a few questions before I commit to saving up for the parts, clutch, etc.

    it’s a drop in turbo you can fit whatever downpipe you have and inlet. I’d recommend buying an intercooler before the inlet Intercooler will reduce heat soak a lot more if you don’t have it yet
  11. Help! How to remove exhaust soot from my paint!?

    Maybe a somewhat deep cut machine polish would work
  12. 1.5T 1g E85?

    I was doing it for 4 months no issues 🤷‍ I tried doing it every fill up since there’s an E station a block away from my house
  13. Whiteline 26mm rsb

    The 26mm rsb comes with endlinks
  14. Any last minute clutch opinions? Ordering soon

    My stage 5 action clutch has been holding up great with my rv6 turbo really no complaints here
  15. SoCal Mountain Drive

    Alright yall it’s that time here is Andrews POV for our last minute cruise which turned out dope!!! Andrews video: Tony’s video: Huge thanks to the people that showed up and always support our cruises we appreciate y’all! We’ll be holding off for the “Ocean Views” cruise of a little while...
  16. Getting into modding and upgrading my car.

    Just put my whiteline 27mm fsb on 2 weeks ago and hit my first canyon with it on Sunday. It feels amazing! Definitely a must imo
  17. Getting into modding and upgrading my car.

    Whitelines or eibachs 22mm rsb should be plenty that’s what I’m running for now might jump to the 26 soon but 300 is too much for me personally Here’s my whiteline code: WL4012 For $20 off your first order! it should still work lol
  18. Getting into modding and upgrading my car.

    Good choice on that shifter I have that one ! After ktuner & an ots tune like tsp or phearable I definitely say dp and rear sway bar
  19. SoCal Mountain Drive

    Hells yeah thanks for the confirmation fam we weren’t sure if it was open! see u tmrrw