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  1. Something went BOOM (I think turbo (W1)) DATALOG

    More of the opinion of frequency bias here. People see a failure and then suddenly see tons of failures all over. Or perhaps those running into failures are pushing it significantly harder. Knock on wood no issues with mine for over 2 years now. Personally know 8 folks in my area that ran it...
  2. New Acura Integra posted by Honda

    Sadly those photos you posted were confirmed to be photoshop. I'm not expecting much. The integra sneak peak does line up with the road map that was leaked a year ago. New compact sedan in the 35k range which is probably replacing the ILX. So my guess is something based on perhaps the...
  3. 300whp on cvt civic?

    Oh wow. Didn't know about that change yet and checking their site looks like you are right. And yeah I saw the 4bar support back when they did their update. Was shortly after 27won released their 4bar map sensor.
  4. 300whp on cvt civic?

    31psi on a cvt hatch? Ktuner didn't even have 4bar sensor support for cvt ecus until fairly recently... Not to mention 31psi on a w1 is outside its reliability window. Even 27won states to not exceed 28psi. Based on how much boost I run on my setup, until I see actual data logs of that I...
  5. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Just giving a brief update. Still have the car. A bit over 55k+ miles. Got some new tires on the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4s. Fixed up my aero (bmspec front splitter). Did some cosmetic changes with a full car vinyl wrap (self done). After some deliberation, I think I will...
  6. Stock Downpipe (Cat) and Front Pipe Question

    hmm interesting. First time hearing of this. No issues here and I have PRL's dp and fp setup.
  7. Anyone around Baltimore? Need ktuner help

    He has the v1.2 so laptop is required period. I live in the Rockville area. If you swing by that area I'd be willing to help you out set things up.
  8. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Update: Vehicle: 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Total tuned time: 3.5 years on Ktuner (1 year on my intial custom tune where I made 292whp and almost a year on my another custom tune again from Derek Robinson @ IMW Motorworks where I currently make 302whp) Total tuned mileage: 55,000+...
  9. 93 octane?

    You commented on my post first. Nice trolling attempt. 93 that is "cheaper" but not of a top tier brand does not mean it is "cleaner" than 87 of a top tier brand gas. Sam's is not top tier brand gas. smh... You also quoted the most generic and basic " In typical combustion processes" but...
  10. 93 octane?

    facepalm... Re-read my post...
  11. ECU Communication Failed. [Please help!]

    If you have eliminated all other issues of device working properly, cable is not damaged and working, sufficient power being provided, etc... I would guess that perhaps it is a driver issue.
  12. ECU Communication Failed. [Please help!]

    I had one of those issues. Even sent my ecu and unit to ktuner to check. In the end it was a PC driver issue. To this day I still can't get one of my hard drives to work with ktuner but luckily I do have multiple boots and OSs. So ended up installing fresh windows and ktuner on an essentially...
  13. 93 octane?

    Higher octane does not equal "cleaner" fuel. For cleaner fuel you would be better off referring to top tier brand gas. Unless the OP is running a tune that could take advantage and up timing, using 93 is just wasting money.
  14. Ktuner Error Codes help

    Could take longer. The sensing suite has been weird for me. Sometimes 10min after a reflash, sometimes over a hr, sometimes 30 min with a few key on off cycles.
  15. Ktuner expert needed.

    As per the Ktuner website.
  16. Civic CVT Fluid Change with Castrol?

    Car still runs great. Fingers crossed 🤞
  17. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Nah not enough power for me and looking to go RWD. Eyeing the new 400z pretty hard.
  18. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Probably not. I don't do enough track days nowadays to justify it. Also i would have to do some custom setup for it unless I switch up my intake setup. 27WON's hybrid CAI system takes up room and prevents adding a CVT cooler. Actually on the fence right now about selling the car. With used...
  19. 4 Bar MAP Sensors now Available

    They do have 4bar sensor support but not across all ECUs. For the Si folks they had that stuff implemented back in like 2019.