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  1. 2019 2.0l non turbo extra hp

    It’s not a fart can if that’s what you’re asking. Idle is just a hum. It really only makes noise during accelerating, but not too loud. It is just right to me. I crank mine up in my garage every morning and my girlfriend is still sleeping in the house and doesn’t bother her.
  2. 2.0L RV6 Catless vs Catted Downpipe

    Yes I think with the factory resonator and factory muffler it can clean up the sound so it isn’t so loud when installing the high flow cat.
  3. Has anyone have Buy Stuff from "Honda Parts Now" or "Collage Hills Honda"

    Ive ordered many parts from hondapartsnow and have had zero issues. And yes they are oem original parts. I’ve had to have used them 15 different times and will continue to use them.
  4. Should Honda have kept VTEC engines in Civics or is the 1.5T a welcome change?

    All I can say is I love my Vtec Lx. But I also love my 1.5t. The 1.5t is definitely impressive. Longevity is still up in the air. But for the amount of mpg you get while still able to pull the way it does is nothing short of amazing. Honda needed to make an engine that could beat the competition...
  5. Where do I buy a skid plate from? (Honda Civic 2019)

    I had mine get bent up to. I just bent it back into shape. It’s really thin so you can easily straighten it out if you want to save the money. No one is gonna see it anyways. But as far as buying a new one, I had a hard time just getting the screws that fell out of mine. Guy at the dealership...
  6. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    Well you can add me to the list. I was changing my oil and took a look on the backside of my valve cover and sure enough there is oil and dirt residue back there. Thanks for the heads up. I will be taking it in next week so they can look at it. Still under warranty so that’s good. This is just...
  7. Any owners here with the 2.0 engine here?

    It is sad that our 2.0 gets no love, because I really wanted to supercharge mine. That’s why I bought the 2.0 NA with the 6 speed. Because I saw a video of the supercharged 9th gen Si and it was impressive. But since the new Si is turbocharged along with all the other models other than the LX...
  8. 2020 K20C2 6MT compatability

    Well mine is a 2018 but if ktuner said it will work then it should. You’re gonna enjoy Vtec engagement lowered to 5300 rpm. But the car just feels more responsive and linear. You’ll see. Plus your mileage doesn’t really change, unless your foot gets heavier lol.
  9. 2020 K20C2 6MT compatability

    Hope you get it figured out. I got the tune on my 2.0 NA 6mt and it makes the car run like it’s supposed to. I love my car. It might not be a race car but it is a blast to drive.
  10. Si sedan custom sound system set up, Subwoofer and Amp in the trunk.

    That is very true. I seen this myself. Rear firing gives the best sound. The shop I go to is the place that showed me. They said it bounces of the trunk, hatch, etc. In my Tahoe I tried forward and sounded dead. I turned it around and the bass got deep.
  11. Si sedan custom sound system set up, Subwoofer and Amp in the trunk.

    Actually these subs require very little airspace. Just over a half a cube each in a ported box. And they only need 300 watts. I got 300 going to each of mine and both are in a ported box to spec and they sound amazing. That’s the beauty of these slim line subs is that they give you big sound but...
  12. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    I think even 4500 would be a good spot. But for now 5300 is a big improvement
  13. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    Are you kidding me! Lol let that baby rev! These engines are rev hungry. They shine in the high rpm’s. The lowered Vtec just brings out that smooth incline to 6500 rpm
  14. Air filter tests - interesting

    Yeah the design is very impressive. I would definitely prefer the sprint filter over a k&n any day. I just use the oem filters on both of mine.
  15. Air filter tests - interesting

    This shows the openings to be 35 microns. Dust particles are smaller. So it will catch the big stuff while allowing the small stuff to go through. After about a month of using a filter like this you could run your finger in the inside of your intake and there will be dust on your finger.
  16. Air filter tests - interesting

    Do myself and yourself a favor. Take some flour and sprinkle it on that filter with a black shirt underneath. If none gets through then I’ll believe it. Dust particles are way smaller then flour to. So if the flour goes through then all the dirt is getting through.
  17. Air filter tests - interesting

    That’s true. But finding a filter that can still filter while maintaining good flow is possible. With more pleats increasing surface area. But the ones to stay away from are ones you can see through. Because if you can see through it then might as well not have a filter. Same concept with your...
  18. Air filter tests - interesting

    If the sound is what you are looking for then yes an aftermarket cold air intake or short ram will give you the sound. But like the video says you run the risk of allowing dirt in your engine. I would stick to one that has a filter you can’t see through lol. That way you don’t risk sacrificing...
  19. 2016 Civic LX knocking/ticking around dash/hood when idling warm engine

    Last time I heard an engine make that noise it was main bearings bad. You need to take that to the dealer so they can do something with that