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  1. 1st time back in the Z06 after 22 months and 14 HPDE instructing events in the 2019 Type-R

    No, mine never overheated. I did get one warning, but it never went into limp mode. Would be interested in what you did because mine ran wickedly hot.
  2. 1st time back in the Z06 after 22 months and 14 HPDE instructing events in the 2019 Type-R

    It as a really fun car. With a wider set of 18" wheels & R-comps or slicks this car would be unreal. It looks like it's still for sale...
  3. 1st time back in the Z06 after 22 months and 14 HPDE instructing events in the 2019 Type-R

    I FINALLY got my Z back Sunday & headed up to VIR to instruct for TrackDaze. I had my Forgelines & Pirelli DH scrubs mounted on Monday (still on OEM wheels & Cup 2 tires in this Sunday pic). Also had my rear AP Racing brakes mounted. After getting some intercooler tank issues resolved, I ended...
  4. My severe anxiety is making me dislike driving my car

    I hope you are in therapy. Drugs alone aren't the answer. As someone ho suffers from ADD, Depression, OCD, & is mildly bi-polar, I understand your situation. You'll also likely need to try several different drugs\dosages to find what works best for you. Park your car until you get your...
  5. Simply could not get rid of my 2019 CTR

    HAHAHA! So true my friend. I have a 2018 Z06 and people are even MORE anal there with 'never driven in the rain' a common selling point. I'm waiting for 'have complete wax & detailing history logbooks'. :) I put my Z06 into the T6 tirewall @ VIR in October 2018 during an outlap on cold tires...
  6. Simply could not get rid of my 2019 CTR

    Yes, the wider 18" wheels were my bane. I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation if I just bit the bullet early on and bought these for track use, but didn't know how long I'd be keeping the vehicle, so didn't make the investment. If you track regularly a switch to 18" wider wheels is...
  7. Simply could not get rid of my 2019 CTR

    I tried for >3 months, with the last 2 months lowering the price between $32k & $33k & could NOT sell this car. Lots of tire-kickers, but mainly low-ballers, people who couldn't afford it, or get financing for it, and scammers. I was really surprised. I think for vehicles in this price range...
  8. FK8 No Shift Lift!

    I used my 2109 CTR to instruct for 14 HPDE events @ VIR. I constantly used NLS. No loss of power\boost whatsoever. 11.6k miles before I sold it. Zero issues. My car was bone stock except for brakes & tires.
  9. Front pads for sale: OEM & Carbotech XP12

    .36" pad thickness remaining on XP12 & .37" on OEM. OEM pads are off 2019 CTR. The Carbotechs were $245 pre-bedded with my NASA discount, so this is a great deal. $95 + shipping for both - will not separate or discount.
  10. Sold my 2019 CTR today

    .36" for the XP12 pads, .37" for the OEM Brembo pads (right). They are essentially new.
  11. Sold my 2019 CTR today

    I will measure & post pics shortly.
  12. Sold my 2019 CTR today

    It's been a fun ride. Really surprised it was so difficult to sell - wound up selling it to a dealer for $32k. Tons of tire-kickers, low-ballers, and people who simply couldn't afford it but wanted to make payments to me. All in all, I used it to instruct for 14 HPDE events since I got it. I...
  13. Honda’s Oil Dilution Issue

    There is so much misinformation in this thread... It most certainly is not common on DI engines. It most certainly was not common on carbureted engines. Honda has a limited release fix, and there has been a lawsuit settlement for affected owners. My 2018 1.5L and 2019 2.0L turbos both...
  14. Warranty? Thrown Rod!!

    Just curious - what does 'two-stepping' mean?
  15. Why didn't Honda tune the stock configuration to give us more power?

    Reliability. Hondata or KTuner aren't on the hook when your motor blows due to aggressive tuning. Yeah, my stock motor pulls power when it gets hot, but I know if anything happens, it will be covered, which is important to me because I track mine extensively.
  16. Warranty? Thrown Rod!!

    It would take an act of God for Honda to warranty your motor. I met with the regional Honda Rep over a warranty claim on my 2019 CTR. He flat out told me Honda could EASILY tell if customers modified their cars even if they swapped ECU's. He said it was the first thing they check when customers...
  17. FK8 OE take off tires 245/30R20

    Oh. I wonder what the shipping to Raleigh would be? 27603. I'm guessing UPS ground would be best.
  18. FK8 OE take off tires 245/30R20

    Did you ever sell these?
  19. Ran Carbotech XP-20's up front for the first time at VIR - a word caution

    I may try the Raybestos as well. I've heard good things about them on Corvetteforum, but most instructors at VIR seem to run Hawks for some reason. Yes, I may order the Ti shields as well - thanks. Brake pads are like discussing oil & religion. :) I can trap in the low 160 MPH range in my Z06...