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  1. California Hondata Flashpro Carb $275

    Had both and both are good. Just with carb, you’re unable to add other OTS tunes.
  2. Was I ripped off on trade in?

    You can come up with a lease buy out and the payoff amount. Then sell it yourself. Not ideal, a lot of paper work and having to get a new Loan and etc…but the main point was…don’t trade it in for 17k. You can get more. My 2.0na is selling for over $20k.
  3. Was I ripped off on trade in?

    Drive it until the lease is done and then sell it on carvana or something. Used civics are going for ridiculous amounts.
  4. Oem springs

    People put Si Springs in the hatchback
  5. AC Recall Letter

    If you paid out of pocket, and you got the letter. You can submit a claim for reimbursement.
  6. LE dark chrome “CIVIC” tailgate emblem

    This is the proper way to install the gloss black emblems. Letter by letter versus the usual double sided tape holding it and then apply and peal. This is on my sport touring.
  7. Anyone use 2018 back front lip on 2019+ bumper?

    I have a 2019, but some lips are listed as 16-18 only. I know they are different bumpers but has anyone brought a lip meant for 18 back and used it on their 2019+? The overall design doesn’t seem so outrageously different…
  8. Re: Your Lease--It's Official

    This was on motor trend at least 3 weeks ago. It’s just the nature of the market, they are not/were not going to allow these loopholes to exists indefinitely once they caught on to people taking advantage of this. They are not an auto maker to not make money. Simple market mechanisms at play.
  9. Si lugs same as EX lugs?

    Yes, for stock wheels. Type r is different. And aftermarket wheels as well.
  10. KTuner on 87 or Regular

    Don’t run it for weeks and months on end on regular. But if you can’t find gas anywhere, putting a tank or two won’t destroy the car. I’ve ran mid grade and regular before. I’ve been tuned for over 40k miles on 2 separate civics. Hondata and ktuner individually. put the car in Econ mode if...
  11. Reliable online parts websites?

    Also ordered from both. Both are fine. College hills Bernardi are another 2 that I have ordered from multiple times. hondapartsnow has the diagrams, which is nice.
  12. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Had rays bronze wheels twice before, don’t remember them being so time consuming to keep clean. Would do gunmetal if I had to do it all over. I have a couple of colors new SL decals. Not sure what I am going with next. I like the blue a lot but will change it up soon.
  13. Bad SI seats

    It’s wear and tear. You won’t get that under warranty.
  14. Pennsylvania WTB: OEM Parts

    I have the intake
  15. Delete

    No, they don’t.