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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    A few track pics for Joliet Autobahn full course
  2. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    I have the exact same issue on my 2019. I noticed the bushing on the control arm slid forward. Whiteline sent revised bushings that are closed on the end and will not slide forward. I'm hoping this solves my clunking under hard braking and cornering. (Have not had time to install the new bushings)
  3. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    Their customer service was awesome. Those specs will fit perfectly. The only reason I had an issue was the smaller diameter (closer the knuckle). If you're debating tire size, I run 275/35/18 Michelin PS4s on 18x9.5 and the tire sits square on the rim.
  4. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    @dixie1 The revised bushing is slightly shorter than the 69192 (regular civic) bushing that came in the kit. Open that fits the control arm appears to be the same diameter.
  5. What did you do to your Type R today?

    My factory caps fit and haven't fallen out after two Illinois winters, if you wanted to use them.
  6. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    The part number stamped on both bushings is 69156
  7. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    Looks like they didn't update the instructions. I have the old Type R bushing (picture on the right). It slide forward on the control arm and caused clunking. Whiteline sent me the revised Type R bushings. They look like the bushing pictured on the right.
  8. **The Official FK8 Aftermarket Turbo Solutions and Technical Discussion Thread**

    FYI, Full Race told me the MHI turbo comes with the wastegate actuator.
  9. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    Correct. The left most circle is what rubbed where the barrel curves up to the lip. A little grinding fixed it or a 2mm spacer. The other white spot (near the bolt) are flakes of paint. No rubbing there.
  10. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    Yep but unfortunately mine rubbed the front knuckle. The BC rep said my set was the only one that had that issue. If they are still making that size, I 100% recommend it.
  11. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    I have 18x8.5 +40 winter wheels and can absolutely feel a difference vs my 18x9.5 +60 BC's. The +40's take more efferent to move the steering wheel off center then the car dives into a corner vs a smooth linear progression with the higher offset. That said, if you're only focused on tracking...
  12. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    Sorry. Type-o. 18x9.5 +58. I have RZ05's.
  13. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    BC Forged has all the measurements and can recommend wheels based on what you want....concavity, offset, dims, ect. I have BC's 18x9.5 +60 and they just touched barrel at full lock in the front on the knuckle. BC can make a 18x9.5 +58 and you would be 100% perfect. Or, you could go with a 19x10...
  14. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    I have the C&R street radiator ( I live in central IL and daily it), reverse flow hoses and HKS oil cooler. I ran Joliet Autobahn Full last September. It was overcast and 70*. The car ran perfect. The temp gauge never moved. It was perfect through six 20 minute sessions. Hopefully the tracks...
  15. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    I put a 2mm spacer in the front and it's been perfect. Their customer service was excellent too.
  16. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    I went with because you can customize every aspect of the wheel (face, offset, size, color, ect) and they cost a little less than Volks. Manufacturing and delivery was 6 weeks. Here are a few...
  17. 18x9.5 +60... will they fit?

    I have BC Forged custom wheels. 18x9.5 +60 with 275/35/18 PS4s on stock suspension. They fit perfectly in the rear. In the front they rubbed the strut/knuckle assembly. It just scrapped the paint on wheel at full lock (1mm). BC Forged said they had sold 3 other set with those specs and didn't...
  18. C&R/PWR Radiator Feedback and Testing

    I went with the street radiator bc I daily my CTR in Illinois and it sees sub zero temps