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  1. FK8 x H&R Springs anyone =?

    I’ll rub on stock height on big dips. 18x9.5+35 255/40
  2. Phearable stage 2 tune

    I have the hondata with the phearable stage 2, PRL HVI, PRL IC, RV6 catted downpipe. I wouldn’t bother with a product like race chip or jb4 on this platform that “tricks the ecu”. Very happy with the way the car performs. More than enough for public streets lol
  3. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Okay cool. I got the mishimoto turbo blanket and I’ll go ahead and order the elbow from ptp. Is it an easy install or do I need to remove anything ?
  5. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    I have the lower one on too. Not sure how @m_kluch got the top one on unless it’s only held on by one bolt
  6. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Did you make a hole in the blanket for the upper to work ?
  7. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Can anyone confirm if the elbow blanket will work with the factory lower heat shield ? I have the RV6 Catted.
  8. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    Just added the RV6 downpipe and got the revision. Car feels really good. Really pins you in your seat. All the trims look good. Shell 93
  9. Eibach Pro

    You’ll be fine.
  10. Eibach Pro

    What’s the offset ?
  11. How rare or common to spot a Type R in your general area?

    I see Si’s all the time. I’m actually nervous because we have been getting a lot of them stolen lately. My neighbors was broken into a few days ago. And he parks right in front Of his front door, maybe 15 feet. No alarm. Broke the lock, got in, had 2 cables that looked like obd2 plugs under the...
  12. How rare or common to spot a Type R in your general area?

    Other than 2 of my neighbors both having 2021 CTR’s in boost blue and red, I can go weeks without seeing any on the road. I’m in south Florida palm beach county
  13. Is my car overheating?

    Supposedly the HKS IC with PRL piping is a killer combo. I’m just running the PRL IC alone and am happy with it in FL
  14. Florida Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    Still available. Text the number please.
  15. How restrictive is the stock exhaust?

    He did say stock catback in original post. As long as he changes his downpipe he’ll be good. You don’t even need a front pipe sub 400.
  16. How restrictive is the stock exhaust?

    2.0*. I’ve also heard the samething regarding under 400 stock is good.
  17. Florida Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    $500 shipped continental US Text me at +1 (561) 566-4237
  18. K20C max output?

    Haven’t seen anyone achieve over 400whp on 93 without an additional fueling source. You can see Phearables stage 2 dyno in ideal conditions for reference. I’m running his tune as well.