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  1. Front SI Badge Removal

    It's two pieces held together by two screws from the back.
  2. TSP Stage 1+ vs Phearable Stage 1.5R ?

    I just ordered TSP 1+. Hope it's worth it.
  3. Ktuner plugged in all the time?

    I run mine the exact same way.
  4. 2020 Si Head unit software / firmware update??

    Thanks. I have an Iphone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14.5.1 Edward
  5. Infotainment software update?

    Is there one oc these fir 2020 models?
  6. Autohack software disabled my collision radar

    I'm having this same issue. The cord will sometimes charge my phone, but CarPlay is not activated.
  7. 2020 Si Head unit software / firmware update??

    Does any one know if there is a software or firmware update for the head unit of a 2020 Si sedan?? I'm running TunerView Lite and HondaHack. But lately having connectivity issues with Pandora /Apple CarPlay/ HondaLink... I have tried clearing errors, different cables, reconnecting via...
  8. What’s a good dash cam?

    Well, don't do like I did-I put $200 down on a VEZO 360 Dash Cam over a year ago on and it STILL has not come to market!!! Those videos make you think it is nearly or already exists. Edward
  9. It's official - There will be an 11th Gen Civic Si!

    If they come out with an HRV with this 1.5 turbo and 6 speeds, that will be my next car. Edward
  10. Best Weighted Shift Knob?

    Blox 490 (grams-weighs almost a pound) Love it!! Edward
  11. The quest for 500miles on single tank of gas

    Wow. I have no idea how y'all are getting such good mileage. I have a 2020 sedan with TSP stage 1, PRL stage 1 intake and otherwise completely stock. I only fill with 93 unleaded and the highest mileage I can get is 35-38 on the highway doing 75-85mph. Edward
  12. The quest for 500miles on single tank of gas

    Wow! Congrats! I too have TSP stage 1 tune, what map are you using, are you in sport or normal mode? I have been trying to figure out what gas/tmap tune will get me the highest MPG on road trips. Edward
  13. Has anyone removed the Si front badge??

    I am wanting to remove the stock red Si front badge, I am just not sure how to approach it. Is it stuck on or screwed on from the back?? Edward
  14. Someone dinged the F out of my passenger side!!

    Thanks. Is this a good one? There are so many dash cams out there. I put money down $200 on a Vezo 360 last year on Indie Go-Go and they are still working on the 360 Dashcam...taking forever to bring to market. :O Edward
  15. Someone dinged the F out of my passenger side!!

    Thank you for everyone's input!! I ended up cleaning the edges of the scrape, putting on touch-up paint, and then a few days later some gash stickers. Attached is a pic. Edward
  16. Someone dinged the F out of my passenger side!!

    And scraped an entire inch of paint off? No.
  17. First Oil Change

    I did just my first oil change in my 2020 Si at 5,120 miles (30% left per Maintenance Minder) Bought it on 10/18/2019.