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  1. KTuner v2 with TSP Stage1

  2. KTuner v2 with TSP Stage1

    $515 shipped. This includes TSP Stage1 for only +15$ over what v2s without the tune are selling for.
  3. KTuner v2 with TSP Stage1

    I sold my 2017 Civic SI a few weeks ago, thus I have no real reason to keep my KTuner v2 w/TSP Stage1 tune laying around. I've had the unit installed for about 12 months and it ran flawlessly. Comes with original packaging , cabling (usb to pc & unit to ODBII), stickers, certificate of...
  4. 2017 Civic Si Coupe - 5400miles - $21000negotiable

    Vroom just offered me $19500, although they said the check is cut usually next day. I am trying to get them to do $20,000. Which is my asking price on CL
  5. 2017 Civic Si Coupe - 5400miles - $21000negotiable

    I don't have a garage to take the stuff back to complete stock. I spoke to them and they wanted it back to bone even though their site said differently. Between work, babysitting, and the wifey working night shifts, I am extremely booked on time.
  6. 2017 Civic Si Coupe - 5400miles - $21000negotiable

    bump 21,000 negotiable
  7. 2017 Civic Si Coupe - 5400miles - $21000negotiable Dealer XPEL clear wrapped (entire front end - hood, front bumper, both front fenders, mirrors) before the car was even driven off the lot. Installed smoked side markers to match body color. Bulb inside remains...
  8. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    Thanks for the reply, is it catted or catless though?
  9. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    North Brunswick here - catted or catless and what version?
  10. Can someone explain clutch slip better

    My stock clutch started slipping on the TSP Stage1 tune. Traditionally, the RPMs should should shoot up fast, yet you do not feel it pulling any harder. Theoretically, you should immediately feel the slip if you gun it earlier in the RPM range because that is where the vehicle makes the most...
  11. outside b pillar slight scratch

    Apologies for not being too versed in detailing. I need like Meguairs Ultimate Compound or Meguairs Ultimate Polish? And a wax after that? What about PlastiX or Scratch Remover 2.0 from meguairs?
  12. outside b pillar slight scratch

    Howdy, my outside B Pillar (matte) has a linear scratch. Doesn't look deep at all. Literally looks like a fingernail just vertically went down it. Can barely feel a "groove". Was wondering what I can try to fix it without having access to an electric drill? I can do elbow grease only :) Thanks...
  13. Honda recall.

    Interesting. I spoke to Open Road Honda today of Edison NJ and had 3 different people tell me that there is no oil change included. The PDFs that were attached to this thread state otherwise. Is that PDF supposed to be for technicians only? I fear that the entire procedure may have been...
  14. I went toe to toe with an sti earlier today on the highway, guess who won..

    Styling no. I have grown out of "teenager car looks". Mechanically, too early to tell. I'd like to see FBO numbers and ultimately what the max whp/trq is before the engine goes boom. As far as current available new car market competition, yes. Future market availability - the 2020 new focus...
  15. I went toe to toe with an sti earlier today on the highway, guess who won..

    I had to opportunity to drive a 2019 STi from a coworker yesterday. Supposedly they "resolved" the ringland failure with different pistons. Anyway this was all stock. I was legitimately blown away on how peppy it is compared to previous year STis and my EvoX (when it was bone stock). Very fun...
  16. 2019 Civic Si Sedan transmission question?

    Was moving 2mph forward at a gas station. Clutched in and threw it in R to reverse next to a gas pump. Heard the most god awful screeching from my synchroes. Full stop usually works. Sometimes it does get a little rough when you live on a hill and need to reverse backwards up into your driveway.
  17. tsb/recall is just a flash now?

    Would it be unreasonable to think that the climate control and oil dilution parameters are still contained in the same ECU map file that gets uploaded to our cars? Even though KTuner software severely limits our access to these areas. This bring me back to the whole point of it being...
  18. tsb/recall is just a flash now?

    Question. Heard from multiple sources that the TSB/recall is now just a flash update. So there is no point doing it since it will be overwritten by the TSP Stage 1 map correct? @D-RobIMW
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