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  1. Seatbelt not adjustable? Any mods available?

    I just traded my sedan for a coupe SI. I am getting annoyed with how hard it is to reach for the seatbelt. Your fix sounds great but the si seats are not compatible. Any other suggestions?
  2. How a Civic start at -13F / -25 C ?

    No issues here. I park it outside. yesterday we were -29c lol
  3. Lower bumper after rain

    Hey! Someone posted a tip for this long time ago and I did it right away to my car. I bought some black gorilla tape and wend under the car and taped around it. it works like a charm. also when you wash your car... and that thing drips like crazy. I used to hate it. I had that mod or I did that...
  4. Ebay PU leather arm rest covers over cloth (install)

    I did the center console/armrest thing... but I got the arm rests and door piece.... and I felt that I am gonna screw it up. if you can give some pointers and a video... it would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  5. LED recommendations

    I just drove the HID trough fog and they were great. Still need to try rain and snow. I am not sure if I am blinding people.
  6. How do you skip tracks via bluetooth using steering controls

    I can skip but not fast forward with Bluetooth. With apple car play I can fast-forward and skip.
  7. SMS

    I never liked the phones or the interface. I have a lot of apple products and I do not use windows... so I just stick to apple. Like you said... I like the premium materials. I am no apple fanboy but haven't seen any android phone that makes me want to switch. I do see the flaws in apple and I...
  8. SMS

    My brother has android and spotify is a bit better on android. They are similar but I think apple carplay is more straight forward. I never had an android and I don't like android.... soooo... yeah lol. But I've seen both and used both. I cant remember how you get the notifications on android...
  9. SMS

    Yeah I get notifications for txt msg via apple carplay. that works just fine.
  10. SMS

    I am in Canada too. I will check but I am almost sure that Bluetooth doesn't show txt messages. I always use Apple Car play so... I rarely use the Bluetooth only connection.
  11. LED recommendations

    I tried some LED's (36w/3800 LM) for 2 days and yesterday I switched them to HID 6000. The guy that works in my cars told me that he had some LED's that would match the DRLs but I wanted HID. He offered me to try the LED and if I didn't like it he would switch to HID. The LEDs were one of those...
  12. Walk Away Door Lock

    This is my favorite feature of the car. It always works for me. I didn't like the double beep but now it makes a lot of sense. 1 beep is like cool you are leaving all is good. 2nd beep is now is locked for sure. cuz one time I didn't hear the 2nd beep and it was because one door was not closed...
  13. Rear Bumper Applique Protector hatchback options

    I don't think they are the same. I think that part should be longer for the hatch.
  14. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    Oh yeah ive seen it. I posted there before lol
  15. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    I know. Some stuff takes months but I have 80% success. This is the first thing I order from my car that is not good. As an example: I literally just got the center arm rest parts and they look great. Great seller and super fast. I order 2 weeks ago. Check it out. Also... any guidance on the...
  16. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    Nice, I want a leather steering cover with red stitching. I order the same cover for arm rest and the door with red stitching. I didn't have issues with parts from China before. I was really disappointed with this one. I considered sanding it down but I don't know which paint to use. I don't...
  17. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    I see. That sucks. I considered that one but the 3pc one. Like this one But now that I see the quality... it makes me hesitate.
  18. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    I got the shift knob cover. It came alright. Picture below. Is there a color similar to that in plastidip? Don't mind the mess... its been raining every day, windy fall, leafs everywhere and my car needs some TLC lol.
  19. Interior Door Cover Armrest [help/suggestions]

    I didn't try the fit. I tried one and seemed ok. I was pissed with the finish and I am still waiting for the other parts to complete the job. I was tempted to get the carbon fiber ones but... I like the contrast of white and black. Do you think that the finish of the carbon fiber ones is the...