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  1. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    Exactly where I'm at as well. I have the Skunk2, and the weight is fine, but I use the stock knob 99% of the time. Then when I feel bored I'll put the Skunk2 on, shift it a few times, and switch right back to stock.
  2. Aerosol container explodes in Civic hatchback

    That is insane! :eek: Also, I've never heard of dry shampoo.......clearly it is not something to be trifled with
  3. How do you get into your Civic?

    Dukes of Hazzard style!
  4. 2020 Si Update revealed
  5. Refreshed 2020 Honda Civic Si

    Damn it. Highlights (or, in my case, low points): 6-percent shorter final-drive ratio for more responsive acceleration Si now comes standard with Honda Sensing, which bundles together lane keep assist...
  6. Refreshed 2020 Civic Si

    Thanks @PandaXpress! Good find!
  7. How many Si's vs. other Civic's have you seen out in the wild?

    Commuting from PA to MD everyday (40 miles one way), I've only seen a handful (like 3-4) 10th gen Si's since I got mine in June 2017. I think there's one in my town (Silver Si sedan in east york, YOHB?) that I've seen 2-3 times, but other than that one, and the occasional one on the highway...
  8. Happy Stick Shift Day to all the MT CivicX owners

    Been driving stick now for...dear god...20 years....WTAF, when did I get so old?! My dad is who taught me a love of all things automotive and he drove stick well into his 60's. Then around 2015 or so, my mom must have hit him with upside the head with a frying pan or something, because he went...
  9. Windshield black dots
  10. 2021 GTI spyshots

    This. I do like my Si, but this makes the GTI VERY tempting...
  11. Suma Performance Anti Glare Mirrors

    Price? Link? Any left? They make them for both sides? Seems intriguing but I’d like to learn more.
  12. Honda Civic Si Wikipedia article changed

    I just checked it again and wow, is it sad. It might as well say that the Si is just a dealer installed sticker package... Here’s a link to the page itself: And this is literally all there is (as of this post): The 2017 Honda Civic Si (10th...
  13. Why change the Si's shift knob?

    I switched to a Skunk2, and love the weight of it, but it’s a little too high and it doesn’t feel as good in the palm of my hand as the stock one. Consequently I find myself constantly going back to stock. Ideally I want to find one that has the weight of the Skunk2, but the dimensions of the...
  14. Crystal Black Pearl Owners

    Hi All! I noticed a lack of love for Crystal Black Pearl 10th gens (and really, all CBP Honda's) on Facebook, so I created a group called Crystal Black Pearl Honda Owners. Obviously I'll be leaning more towards 10th gens, but it looks like Honda's been using that color for a while across a...
  15. 2019 Jetta GLI vs 2019 Civic Si

    it would be on my short list, but I don’t vape. ;) Seriously though, thanks for the info, it actually does sound quite intriguing. However, if I were to go over to the VW side, I’d probably get a GTI just because it’s such a legend and I’d like to see what all the fuss is about.
  16. Chrome Delete your Civic 18" wheels

    @Kooltint If this is as good as your window chrome delete kit, I'll be placing my order ASAP! Looks awesome!
  17. "Upgraded" Climate Control Install

  18. "Upgraded" Climate Control Install

    Not sure about the 2019’s, but I just got done my “upgrade” tonight and I love it!
  19. New to Forum: Million-Dollar Question

    31k miles on my ‘17 Si and I have never had a gear crunch or grind. The notchiness smooths out after a couple of thousand miles, and feels really good. So good in fact, that I just recently switched back over to the stock shift knob because my weighted Skunk2 knob wasn’t letting me fully enjoy...