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  1. *SLC,UT - Cafe Honda, A Meetup

    I'm down for even just a small group to start. I'm not looking to go big or go home. Get a feeler here and set up a date soon :)
  2. *SLC,UT - Cafe Honda, A Meetup

    I would love to meetup on a weekend and see what everyone is up to with their cars...even outside the SI or CTR models. I'm thinking the downtown area or near there? I work nights, so weekends would work best. Around 1pm on a Saturday or Sunday morning. What say you? Let's group here and...
  3. *chirp chirp* Am I the only one in Utah?!

    I'm pretty sure it's a stock exhaust. I haven't really had the time to get under the car. Although it does seem louder than the reviews talk about and it likes pop here and there. Did you happen to buy yours at CarMax? There was a red one on the same truck as mine the day it showed up.
  4. *chirp chirp* Am I the only one in Utah?!

    New member to the Honda family here in Downtown Salt Lake. Just bought a black 2017 CTR about about a week and a half ago. If you see a black CTR with a Smudge the table cat sticker on the rear window, say hi!