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  1. How to clean the front seats?

    I've used Sonax Alcantera cleaner on my seats with good success. Also have been able to get oil stains out using this method (required multiple applications though). That said, you can try to use a suede/nubuck brush first to see if you can brush off some of the crud (it's always the first...
  2. CTR: MAPerformance Street Exhaust

    The only people on here that have run it are likely in the other thread you mentioned. To date I think that's only one or two people which you could have quoted or tagged in your post to make sure they saw your questions.
  3. CarPlay issues

    There are a few scenarios where you can get the black screen using the wireless dongles. They mainly deal with issues while the dongle is trying to connect to the iPhone and you do something: If the dongle is in the process of connecting and you go into the Apple CarPlay screen (press the...
  4. Nurburgring track record

    I know ThrottleHouse took the LE on their track and compared to the 2018 time. The LE was only faster by 1/10 of a second or something which they attributed to the suspension tuning on the LE designed for a smooth track which theirs really wasn't. I'd also argue that the Ring itself isn't...
  5. All - Season tires for FK8 stock rims

    The AS4 in 245/40/18 work great for me, I was really happy with their performance. Hopefully this carries over to the 245/35/20.
  6. All - Season tires for FK8 stock rims

    I moved away from stock. There really aren't many options in the stock size. If you go a little wider or higher aspect ratio lots of options open up which are far better than the NeoGen.
  7. TPMS reset without screen?

    I'm using a Viper, had no issues. Though Best Buy did the install.
  8. About To Become a First Time Type R Owner - Need Your Expertise - Some Important Questions

    Heatsoaking intercooler is very likely to happen in congestion (day to day driving in traffic). An upgraded (bigger) intercooler can delay this from happening, but it will eventually happen. Overheating at the track includes more than just the intercooler. If you have constant, clean airflow...
  9. All - Season tires for FK8 stock rims

    I do not recommend the NeoGen. It's OK in the dry. Poor in wet conditions. And if you add cold to the wet conditions it only gets worse. Though it can handle cold-dry conditions with a little loss of traction (it was only OK in dry, warm weather).
  10. Buzzing sound when accelerating

    Ironically enough, I started getting a vibration while idling at higher RPMs after installing my strut bar and brake master cylinder brace. I can actually feel it in the clutch pedal too. I think it could be the resonance/sound/movement in the motor or transmission being transferred over to...
  11. Any experience with buddy club steering wheel?

    I was able to get Honda to do a good-will repair the first time around. Though your mileage may vary since it's considered a wear item by Honda.
  12. TPMS reset without screen?

    My remote start is using a standard Honda T-harness... Nothing messed up the rev matching.
  13. Infotainment Failure

    My doors automatically lock after the car starts moving (like 5-10 MPH), but that's a default setting.
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    That's a very smoothed out dyno plot, would it be possible to see a raw dyno plot? I know the last time someone posted a dyno plot of a piggyback (JB4) it didn't look all that smooth; looked worse than what was shown on JB4's site actually.
  15. Jonesing for the Type R I parted with - path forward?

    I doubt most 20-21 models will see 10-20k on them, but I could be completely wrong in that prediction. That said, wait up and see if there is a 2022 model. If there is, there might be overlap between the 2022 announcement and 2021 models still on dealer lots. With anticipation there (and...
  16. Blue Honda Civic Type R Splits in Two After Crash in Colorado

    All modern cars are designed to crumple and destroy themselves to protect the cabin. So the way the car breaks away during a collision is very technical and done deliberately to protect the contents of the cabin and save lives. The cost is that cars are easier to total and destroy; also fender...
  17. Trying to avoid an accident + took a chunk out OEM conti (pics)

    As far as safe to drive on, I don't see chords showing so it might be fine to drive on it. Though that is a mighty big chunk missing which has me wanting to be more cautious. For your warranty question, they'll likely replace the tire. The rim on the other hand depends on the wording of the...
  18. Nurburgring track record

    I know one of the things Throttle House said was that they were having issues getting traction with the LE because it was too stiff on their track which isn’t perfectly paved. They compared it to the Nurburgring and estimated similar issues on there. Though they also stated that the normal R...
  19. What did you do to your Type R today?

    JBWeld and send it 😂 sorry to see this though, good luck finding some new rubbers I wonder what the pressures on them were. I have actually had a tire blow out on me and reseal at atmospheric pressure. The car really felt no different. Edit: stock rims with a Nitto NeoGen blew out. So it...
  20. Tire suggestions for 2019 Type R?

    That's a little odd, I never felt that sort of weirdness when I was using the Nittos (4 of them though).