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  1. Crypto Bubble

    Only hodl BTC n ETH here. Good luck you all.
  2. Violence at car meets

    Totally OP. After 2 years in car scene, now playing a bit in sport shooting, I keep a distance from most man child community for a reason, also i am selective on who i hang out with. in car scene, it is the fight between brands. In the gun community, it is the subtle showing off who has the nice...
  3. What car or auto manufacturer you wouldn’t buy or own

    They are british cars..soo
  4. Humor me for a minute guys

    just wait for a another buyer.
  5. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    Just crossed 60,000 mile at the beginning of this month.
  6. Graduated today!!

    Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  7. Crypto Bubble

    Been hodling all my Crypto since Feb this year.
  8. What car or auto manufacturer you wouldn’t buy or own

    Fiat, Alfa, VW, Non AMG Mercedes, Non RS Audi, Non M BMW, Jaguar, Chrysler, Some GM product I love simple reliable car that give me a peace of mind. for a daily commute car, the Japanese's offer pretty much cover everything. If I ever jump back in the car scene again, that would be a different...
  9. Can anyone help me remember an anime?

    The most famous out of space, star war like, anime series is.............Gundam
  10. I was a manual for life

    Made the same decision when i picked up my HB Sport. I had 2 manual cars through high school and college years and thought I would picked up a proper 5spd car again after i am done with school. and then realization kicked in. I work in accounting, after 8 hours of hardcore data crunching, a 5...
  11. Official BEER drinking thread

    too lazy to drive around for craft beer and this one is always available around my place. Golden Road Session IPA :) my go to favroite
  12. So about those gas shortages

    You should check out DEF CON. ;)
  13. So about those gas shortages

    Its just another day here in California. Gas is bit over $ usual
  14. What video games are you currently playing or recommend?

    Only been playing CSGO, may take a look at battlefield 6 when it releases later this year.
  15. Department of revenue wants to tax value of car, not what I sold it for.

    Accountant here. look up the tax rule from your state department website. Our rule is written with very specific wording. If the rule is like what hobby-man listed such as "whichever is higher", you may have to pay. Im sure some accountant just found it odd that a newer 2016+ car got sold for...
  16. Civic A/C junk

    Sorry that it happened. The AC in my 2017 HB has been fine for 4 years
  17. Be Glad you drive a Civic - Gas Prices creeping up fast

    30+ mpg has spoiled me so far. I was window shopping for my future car and i found myself not interested in anything that would do less 30+mpg ;)
  18. Honda recalls over 628,000 vehicles in US over defective fuel pumps

    My family's 2019 CRV, built in May 2019, wasnt affected.
  19. Pickup truck drivers

    I have not been a target of truck guy but i did notice of a trend. These Been a year or two since i notice the drivers of these single cab shorty are often douche$hits. Blinding HID lights, tailgate you, heavy foot, wave in n out of traffic, race you out of nowhere.
  20. This ever happen to anyone...?

    Understandable...mine was totaled in an accident. I learnt most of my car knowledge thru wrenching on that car.