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  1. Ready to get my hands dirty.

    The lip is Honda OEM front lip. Should be able to get it from your local Dealer. You'll love the Cobra intake.
  2. Ready to get my hands dirty.

    Just wanted to add my 0.02 about your CAI decisions. Don't let our Florida monsoons (Yes I live here too) sway your decision about he intake. I have the PRL Cobra Race & also cut away the front fake grill vent to allow in even more cool air (which has helped when getting on it). I've driven in...
  3. Tuning a 10th gen daily driver... just do it!

    You have three options- 1 Keep the Ktuner far away from tour Si 2 Sell the Ktuner 3 Hook it up & see what your Si should really have been from the factory. You will not blow your engine up by installing the Ktuner(assuming you do regular service & check oil level etc). The K tunes are very...
  4. Nevada (FOUND): Coupe "Ikon/Mugen" style visors, no chrome

    Got these a few years ago from AVS (can't remember vendor), but a search for AVS might get you in the right direction. Not sure if these are the type of visor you are after- very slim profile & you'll still have to paint/ plasti-dip area between visor & side mirror. I chose to plasti-dip that...
  5. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Update on 2017 Civic Si Coupe Mileage now 33.6K Tune- still on TSP1 Additional mods- Injen FMIC & pipes, PRL Cobra Race, 27Won TIP. RV6 catted DP Notes- Car always driven in map3 Sport mode On. Clutch is hanging in there by a thread. The 27Won TIP does seem to help with keeping LTFTs more...
  6. Coupe window trim rotting

    If you've had the windows tinted (looks like they are), I've seen a few have this same issue from too much heat being applied. Agree that these pieces are pretty feeble, but easy to replace
  7. TSP Tune Question

    The only dumb question is the one you never ask. It is normal to hear the occasional pop under "spirited" driving conditions & no cause for concern. I've tried to replicate it a few times, but not easy to do & seems to only occur when all the stars are perfectly aligned. HTH
  8. TSP Tune Question

    I'm on TSP 1 & do get the odd pop when downshifting to pass ( usually happens on a 6-4 or a 5-3 block shift - I rev-match when downshifting). It is noticeably louder since I added the catted DP. I believe it is un-burnt fuel being ignited in the exhaust system. Our Z51 Stingray does a similar...
  9. Is this banner tacky?

    Even if you do like the banner, it appears to be for earlier gen Si (look at the Si lettering specifically- not the same style as 10th gens)& I'm sure someone would call you on it. Edit: I guess I just called you on it, without realizing it :)
  10. Just did my first oil change on the Civic!

    Good job on making the video & surviving your 1st oil change. Here are a couple of "old school tips" to add for your next change. 1: Place a ziploc bag over the oil filter & it will catch all the oil that runs out as you unscrew the filter & remove it-works great on filters that sit vertical...
  11. Front pipes & down pipes

    Nothing is 100% certain, but I run a RV6 DP (purchased used) & it's never thrown a CEL. I went with the RV6 for that reason after doing research.
  12. What's your SI looking like today?

    I painted the rear Si badge back in 2017 & decided to add a rear badge to the front grill so that I could have it match. The rear badges come apart with some careful cutting of the plastic rivets that attach both parts. It makes it very easy to then paint the parts however you want. Did a quick...
  13. Front SI Badge Removal

    So is bringing a 4 year old post back from the dead :)

    Pull the oil dipstick out & take a look at the oil on it. If it is "milky" or cloudy looking then a good sign that it's a gasket issue. Also look at the coolant, if it has any brown tint to it, then another sign. HTH
  15. Recommendation on intercooler and pipping for 2018 Si sedan

    Pretty much any intercooler (even the $200 ebay knock-offs)are going to be a huge improvement over the factory unit. PRL products are quality & I went with their Cobra race intake & love it, but have different brand intercooler & charge pipes. So there is no problem with mixing & matching...
  16. DP gasket?

    I too purchased a used DP (RV6 catted) & assumed I would need new top & bottom gaskets. I ended up contacting RV6 directly & they said the upper gasket is very durable & I wouldn't need to replace it. Took their advice & just replaced the lower gasket & no issues at all. HTH
  17. “Needed” mods/upgrades?

    I would put an Intercooler at the top of the list. The stock IC is pretty awful & you'll see a huge improvement in air temp readings(IAT2s) with an aftermarket unit, which will allow the car to make full use of other performance upgrades.
  18. Catted Downpipe and tuning

    I purchased a used RV6 catted DP locally & have put a few K miles on it- never given me a CEL so far. HTH
  19. Clutch pedal to the floor and warranty

    That just does not seem right & I can understand why you are feeling cheated by the dealership. Might be worth giving Honda customer service a call. Good luck.
  20. Clutch pedal to the floor and warranty

    The brakes & clutch are all fed via a single reservoir in these cars. They can replace the clutch cylinder & just bleed the clutch line. The reason they are looking to charge you the $150 for the brakes is because that is part of routine maintenance (every 3 years) & should be done no matter if...