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  1. Poll for Type R Owners:

    Looks like an early sampling then fell off @tinyman392. There are many BB & SGP from the counts I saw just a few months back. Anyone buying a Type R is likely somewhat of a car enthusiast but all we can do is hope more here continue to see this, maybe a mod could pin this for us for...
  2. Poll for Type R Owners:

    People feel the red and blue are too Super Man and clashed for some reason. I almost settled on the AB but I really wanted a PMM so I paid a little extra as I’ve always been a white, grey, and black car fan. Those colors never go out of style so to speak since they are neutral.
  3. Poll for Type R Owners:

    Nice results so far everyone keep checking in!
  4. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    Less than 6k, but it's coming fast.
  5. Poll for Type R Owners:

    They only offered the RR in Canada for 1 year? Wow, I didn't realize that.
  6. Poll for Type R Owners:

    Everyone realizes that but this forum is about the Color for Type Rs produced for any region that votes. Everyone make sure your voting and not just putting it in the comments please.
  7. Poll for Type R Owners:

    Yeah thanks guys, I assumed the same but figured it was worth a shot for the group here. I was surprised when I found out that PMM was not an option in the US in 2021 but finally became an option in other places.
  8. How much do you have invested in your Civic?

    Sorry it was a typo. I was referring to 2.5x the price of his Type R. Those are the most expensive parts of the catalog. Adding in the others won't get you to $113k if he paid sticker which best price I was offered was 5k ADM. Also keep in mind spending that much on parts you won't pay retail...
  9. How much do you have invested in your Civic?

    It's actually not that much here are the prices: Hood and Wing MSRP ~ $30,000 USD
  10. Poll for Type R Owners:

    As the poll says please vote accordingly.
  11. Graduated today!!

  12. Finally got my 2021 CTR at MSRP!!!

    The production for the Gen X Type R was so minimal from Honda's original plans with a 4 month 2017 run to a covid pandemic, to a chip shortage. This car will continue to go up in value for years to come. Once the Gen XI comes they will be bought up by eager waiters but the stock will not see the...
  13. 2021 Civic Type R Rear Cargo Cover Part Number

    Did they not include them on the 2021s?
  14. HFP three-piece red garnish

    The unofficial ones are larger and sit up from the surface some from the 3M the Honda ones are flush because the adhesive surface is part of the garnish surface, yea seller to seller there is quite a difference in the quality of aftermarket ones. Like I said only someone that has the Honda ones...
  15. HFP three-piece red garnish

    They actually look the worst on a Red car. It's a love or hate thing with them. I think they go well as a part of my livery / Mugen Body kit but I agree I wouldn't do themwith no other mods, At least need CF Honda Mirror caps or Red works also.
  16. HFP three-piece red garnish

    The Off-Brand ones look ok IF you get a decent set but that varies order by order as I know several who have purchased from different sellers on ebay, however the Honda ones are much nicer fit and finish, anyone who has the Honda ones can tell which ones you have. It all depends on your budget...
  17. Ohio WTB OEM Downpipes

    I DM to both, any future interest on selling please DM me with details please.
  18. Ohio WTB OEM Downpipes

    DM me with pics of what you have and how much you want for it.
  19. How far did you travel to pick up Type R?

    10 miles to a local dealership, the one that was a mile away only had blue.