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  1. 13 sec cvt 1.5

    I understand the 1 foot roll out when doing a 1/4 mile run at the drag strip because I used to race. They use light beams to measure time. But I don’t understand why it’s frequently used for 0-60 times, other than to make one’s car appear quicker. How does a drag strip measure when you hit...
  2. Alignment issues?

    If you center the steering wheel, is it the same number of turns to go all the way to right as it is to go all the way to the left? This may be difficult to determine because it will probably be less than 1.5 turns in each direction. But if it takes more turns to go in one direction than the...
  3. Alignment issues?

    Are there any markings on the steering rack to indicate when it is centered?
  4. TSP Stage One+ 91 or 93?

    What do you do if you live in state like CA that does not have 93 octane? I understand their premium is only 91 octane.
  5. Alignment issues?

    Sorry about that, I presumed all steering wheels were keyed nowadays.
  6. Alignment issues?

    To my knowledge a steering wheel is keyed & can only go on one way. The alignment may be correct, but it could have been aligned with the steering wheel not perfectly centered. IOW the steering wheel is installed correctly but the technician had it turned slightly to one side when he did the...
  7. How do you deal with tight parking lots?

    Get something big like this.
  8. 93 octane?

    To my knowledge Sam's gas is not Top Tier. Costco gas is.
  9. To Replace AC Condenser

  10. To Replace AC Condenser

    I found this in a Civic service manual. It appears if the outside temperature is 90°F then the vent temperature will be about 65°F. That doesn't sound good.
  11. To Replace AC Condenser

    This is from picking up tips & rules of thumb and adding refrigerant over the years. Buy an AC thermometer from an auto parts store. The one I use looks like a small meat thermometer used for cooking. Stick it in the center dash vent outlet. This was before dual mode climate control so I’m not...
  12. Brake Service

    For my USA model the Maintenance Minder B1 code was to inspect front & rear brakes & hoses. My dealer had a "B Maintenance Service" discount coupon for $138USA. It included "Cleaning/Lubrication of Brake Components", an item which was not listed in the Owner's manual. The service person said...
  13. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    That is one of the beat colors. Another good one is Energy Green Pearl. Got to have color!!
  14. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    I'd like to have one of these Left Hand Utes. The Chevy SS from about 2014-2016 was a Holden product & I saw one with Holden badging on it. I went online & you can buy what appears to be official Holden grilles & name plates. Kind of neat mod.
  15. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    I used to think there were more good people than bad people in this world. But the way people are behaving I now think it's the opposite. It seems very few people care about others or the well being of our planet.
  16. Compass suggestions?

    Thanks for the video. My car is still under warranty & it's probably best not to root the head unit yet. I have an old smartphone that's not in service but it still works otherwise. I could keep that in the glove box & pull it out to use Google Maps if needed.
  17. Compass suggestions?

    I contacted Honda Hack & asked how does the car receive a GPS signal if it does not have the NAV system. They replied "Every car has a gps antenna even if it doesn’t have built-in navigation apps." If Honda Hack can download apps, can I download Google Maps? Google Maps lets you download &...
  18. electeronic brake system problem.

    Was it the switch on the console? Can that be popped out from the top & just disconnected in order to bypass it?
  19. Compass suggestions?
  20. Compass suggestions?

    I just looked into Honda Hack & it can display a compass & navigation instructions. But it appears a smart phone has to be connected. That’s a deal breaker for me. As mentioned, I prefer to carry my smaller “dumb phone”.