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  1. Help identifying a sensor! Please!

    That's a new one, looks like the connector is broken off the wastegate actuator. The whole thing will need to be replaced. Hopefully the calibration doesn't give you too much trouble.
  2. Remote Start options?

    Please note that the post you are quoting is nearly 3 years old. Hopefully they have made some advancements in that time. :)
  3. Lloyd Floor Mats

    Yikes Something else worth noting is that in the last couple of weeks they have discontinued offering the Si logo on their mats. Apparently their licensing agreement Honda has changed.
  4. Wake the Dragon 2021, presented by KTuner [Registration Open Now!]

    Wake the Dragon 2021, presented by @KTuner Event Coordinator: @aegeanguy94 Event FB Group: Dates: August 27-29 2021 (Friday - Sunday) Host Facility: Fontana Village Resort in Fontana Dam, NC ( Event Registration...
  5. Busted Radiator

    Can't say I've ever heard of a car hitting a bump and coming out with a damaged radiator, especially on a car that is only 3 years old. Nevertheless, sounds like a good excuse to upgrade to one of the Koyorad units, they are built much better than the OEM radiator.
  6. Engine cover fell off while driving - need to replace

    Nice find. From what I understand this part has not always been available separately.
  7. How much are oem cats worth?

    You need to find a trusted buyer and send them the code off the side of it.
  8. How much are oem cats worth?

    Lots of variance there but the last 1.5T cat I checked was $200-300. A few months ago I sold my Accord 2.0T cat for $1400.
  9. Shops in LA area that Ktune

    You'll need to purchase a flashing device to do that. The V1.2 is the most cost efficient option but many users go for the V2.0 with the touch screen display. If you are on a tight budget you can always find a nice used one but be smart about who you buy from and make sure it is unlocked...
  10. Tsp misfire Knock.

    I couldn't put a number on it for you but it's a pretty significant job. Stick with an OEM head gasket. The ARP Hayabusa kit plus the extra set of washers is a good solution. You will of course want to check your head for flatness once it comes off, it may need machining.
  11. Tsp misfire Knock.

    This may be helpful: "Misfires and You." a.k.a. How to diagnose your P0300 (301, 302, 303, 304) codes. Plugs, coils, injectors, valve lash, head gasket, ringland. Those, in that order, are the most probable causes of misfire conditions on L15 engines. Plugs are pretty self explanatory; I've...
  12. Tein Coilover - Installed Picture Needed

    If the back is all the way in and down into the notch you are good to go.
  13. Question about boost and the stock BOV

    With an aftermarket intake installed it is certainly possible he is hearing the factory bypass valve, I have heard it before myself. If it's venting all boost, it should feel like all of your power goes away at once. It would be very noticeable. That being said, I don't know if there are any...
  14. Question about boost and the stock BOV

    The factory ECU uses the bypass valve as a form of boost control. As long as it's not literally venting all of your boost pressure at that point (while still under acceleration) it is likely behaving as it should.
  15. Weird jerk after flashing tune

    Did you specify any particular padding or throttle responsiveness settings?
  16. MAF Sensor Compatibility Between 2.0 and 1.6

    I'd say there is likely a 99% chance that it will not work.
  17. Oh Dear! My Calipers are the wrong color! D:

    How are you painting skills? You could always paint the gray calipers red.
  18. Wheels

    It will bolt on. I would recommend a set of hubcentric rings as well.
  19. e30 without flex fuel kit?

    Sure, you just need a custom tune and to get the mixture right every single time. It's more work but can certainly be done.