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  1. Bay Area - Car Meets/Cruises?

    Man wish I could of come today I’d be down in the next couple weeks! Hopefully the weather gets better and we get some boost weather
  2. 2019 stock SI exhaust

    Have a 2019 Civic Si stock exhaust for sale PICKUP ONLY located in NorCal looking for $350 obo. Instagram GlahdoSi for faster response. 500miles

    sorry I know this is a brake thread but wheels on the bottom are just too sexy to not ask what wheels are those and size/offset
  4. Volk TE37s 17x9 coupe SI

    Hello been trying to hunt down a photo of a coupe si on some OG TE37s I see most with a +22 offset running small tires. I would like to be able to run a 255 anyone have a photo of a 17x9 +40 TE37 with meaty tires on a SI and could you run that offset without looking funny.
  5. Two obd2 ports?

    Understandable tried calling this dealership over 5 times and cannot get ahold of anyone they pick up the phone put it on hold and hang up I’m getting really irritated and I want this shit out of my car
  6. Two obd2 ports?

    Update Looked into this deeper the dealer spliced a tracking device on my vehicle and I am having them remove it
  7. Two obd2 ports?

    Update Went to a different Honda dealership (i work for a body shop) and they informed me that it looks like a tracker. I am having them have a Honda tech look at it and will find out exactly what it is.
  8. Two obd2 ports?

    Hello civic si owners So I was moving my car at work and noticed some wires hanging near the clutch so I did some investigating and it looked like the dealer installed some sort of obd2 port anyone else have this and if so what is it for? Located in Cali
  9. Advice please: ktuner v1.2/2 or Hondata

    What makes it “better” everyone keeps talking about on the fly switching but I’m getting a custom tune why would I want to have on the fly map change. I’m just curious why everyone thinks it’s “better” I know that you can get the Ktuner with no digital display for 400$ is that the reason why...
  10. Advice please: ktuner v1.2/2 or Hondata

    I’m also in the market for a tuner what sold me on the Hondata is their traction control setting that helps with wheel spin and I also will be getting a custom tune when fully bolt on
  11. Safe Civic si whp/torque numbers

    Personally I want to go Hondata, downpipe, frontpipe, Prl cobra cai, clutch and a nice custom tune I also drive this car 75miles to work so most of my driving is on the freeway
  12. Safe Civic si whp/torque numbers

    Hello fellow Civic X owners I was searching around the forums about safe horsepower/torque you can get out of these 10th gens. Would 300+hp/torque be something to crazy for a daily? Reading up on all these posts about blown motors is making me nervous
  13. New Performance Grille for 10th Gen Civics

    Could you use the SI logo on this grille?
  14. Hondata vs Ktuner

    So I can use my desktop to load the tune on the v2 device then flash it to my vehicle
  15. Hondata vs Ktuner

    Just to confirm you do not need a windows laptop to use Ktuner v2? I personally don’t own a windows laptop I have a google chrome laptop and an Apple.
  16. Hondata vs Ktuner

    Was leaning towards Hondata just because I’ve heard very good things about them but it looks like a lot of the Civic x community runs Ktuner and being able to switch the tunes on the fly would be pretty cool. How are the base tunes Hondata compared to Ktuner?
  17. Hondata vs Ktuner

    Hello fellow Si owners Was wondering what people are running Hondata or Ktuner I know both are very good just stuck between the two
  18. Civic si 18x8 stock wheel with 245/40/18 will it rub?

    Hello was wondering if anyone has put a 245/40/18 on the stock si wheel and if so does it rub?
  19. 27WON Front Mount Intercooler Kit for L15 (testing, R&D, and availability)

    Personally I know a lot of hard work and dedication is put into this product but for 875 that would be way out of my price range I’d love mid to high 700s