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  1. Si trailer hitch

    How much do you think you would charge?
  2. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    Same thing has happened to me on my 18. I don't think our lights are that bright.
  3. Limp mode

    The "problem" with tuning is that Ktuner/Hondata makes it too easy and accessible for the masses. Anyone can buy a tuner and turn up the boost without doing their homework. A lot of people don't do datalogs or monitor the fuel trim of their vehicle. It doesn't help that there are poorly designed...
  4. Weird Noises when A/C is Running

    I would schedule an appointment with them and tell them what you wrote in your first post, and show them your videos. You could mention you've talked to other owners that have had the issue and it was a defective AC compressor but they may charge you for the test (and refund you if you're under...
  5. Weird Noises when A/C is Running

    It is probably your AC compressor. If you search the forums for this you will find many threads regarding this and leaking freon. My civic had the same issue, it is a common issue with our car and Honda is giving us an extended warranty for this. EDIT: I noticed you made your first post over a...
  6. Advice wanted on dealing with insurance on an accident that caused "repairable" frame damage

    I trust the shop and they will get it as close to factory spec as possible. Thank you, this situation sucks but I'll live with it.
  7. Advice wanted on dealing with insurance on an accident that caused "repairable" frame damage

    Long story short, my parked SI was hit in a parking lot. The other driver hit my back bumper at a sharp angle with a SUV carrying a lot of momentum. Fortunately the driver left their insurance information. The body shop that I have taken my car to has told me that there is frame damage but not...
  8. 2017 SI stock with 61,000 mi Engine Failure!

    This bothered me about the OP's posts.
  9. 2017 SI stock with 61,000 mi Engine Failure!

    Any update from OP on his last visit to the dealership?
  10. Came very close to selling my Si

    We know you love your Camrys haha
  11. Came very close to selling my Si

    Would hate to lose you on the forums but if you must: :drive:
  12. 2019 hbst carjacked

    Quoted for truth. In this scenario it wouldn't even help if you're a bystander. It would be dumb to escalate the situation with a group of people (that might all be armed) over a car.
  13. Engine just blew!!

    I know what happened, he blew the welds on his intake. Granny shiftin' not double clutchin' like you should :drive:.
  14. Anyone know what this is?

    It boggles my mind that the dealer couldn't securely affix the device with double sided tape. Stuff like this makes me wonder what kind of shit happens in the service bays...
  15. Headunit green screen both cameras

    Every time it happens use your cell phone to record what's going on. It wouldn't hurt to do a hard power cycle of your head unit.
  16. Official MODERN STEEL METALLIC Civic Thread

    The Type R doesn't come in Modern Steel Metallic, they have Polished Metal Metallic.
  17. Anyone ever wash their remote in a washing machine?

    High % alcohol content isopropyl is good for cleaning circuit boards and chips. I would take apart the remote and clean it if it were me. Just make sure to remove the battery. Search Google on how to do so.
  18. Change in fuel mileage from 2016 EXL to 2019 Touring Coupe? Anybody have any comments?

    I would "break in" the car first before comparing mileage.
  19. First Boosted K20C2!

    Thumbs up from me for something new and different :thumbsup:
  20. Proper FK7 Build - Sonic Grey Sport

    Following this thread because I love the build :) How does it compare to the STI you've owned, do you miss that car?