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  1. Possibly totaled

    Well I called the shop, they’re not quite done but the technician is estimating 10k as of right now, unfortunately they’re closed on fridays so I’ll have the official estimate hopefully monday
  2. Possibly totaled

    I just got back from the body from signing paperwork for them to “work” on it to removed the back bumper and stuff to see the extent of the damage. I should hear back from them by tomorrow for their estimate and by Friday hopefully by my insurance on what’s gonna happen
  3. Possibly totaled

    I would guesstimate that I slowed to 25 before he hit me, as for the airbags 10/10. They covered my arms and head well
  4. Possibly totaled

    Yeah I’m in the panhandle near all the bases with all the retirees here as well
  5. Possibly totaled

    Only sentimental value it has is it being my first sportier car and first new car, nothing that can’t be replaced
  6. Possibly totaled

    In Florida as well haha
  7. Possibly totaled

    Yeah it was the driver side side curtain airbag for driver and driver side rear and the one on the side of my seat that went off
  8. Possibly totaled

    It dented in the rear door for the last 1” (easy fix), body panels are cheap, front tires look fixable because he pushed me sideways into a curb, I drove onto to and the passenger front looks fine, rear passenger is angled also, the frame looks tweaked in the rear from looking under it, the...
  9. Possibly totaled

    I agree but I think people should retake driving test regardless of age, such a minimal thing to make everyone safer
  10. Possibly totaled

    Now to decide to get another si or try something new, I’ve only had this car 18 months and my first Honda and first sportier car, looking at Audi’s potentially as they’re fairly cheap around here but I loved that car
  11. Possibly totaled

    I have gap insurance and 20% payment of my next car coverage, I just hope I’m able to take the parts off of it if it is totaled, I was fbo and tuned haha. I did grab the tuner but it is locked to my car still
  12. Possibly totaled

    Yeah I drove into a parking lot to avoid him and he still hit me after 2.5 lanes
  13. Possibly totaled

    I was going 38 and he was stopped in the center median and tried to gun it across 3 lanes and drove into me
  14. Possibly totaled

    Well I got tboned on the back quarter panel of my car today by a pretty much blind 88 year old man, both back wheels bent, multiple airbags blew, possible rear frame damage
  15. Removal of the top speed limiter on a 1.5 CVT possible?

    Pistons, rods, turbo, turbo inlet, intake, compression ratio are a few to start you
  16. new intercooler + downpipe — worth it?

    What temps are you seeing with that intercooler?
  17. Which is the best cold air intake for 10th gen Honda?

    For the unbiased opinion I’d go with prl or 27won. Injen has had a lot of problems with peoples fuel trims
  18. Remap file

    So basically it’s 100% incompatible. You can’t start from scratch because you need a base tune to modify. If you try using one or the base tunes that you found it won’t work because it won’t match the ecu you are stuck buying a different tuner, waiting on ktuner or paying the local tuner
  19. Idle/rev issues with CIA install and humidity/moisture?

    The injen intakes weren’t developed correctly and make your fuel trims off which creates all kinds of problems and has rumored blown motors for our cars as well
  20. Remap file

    You can try but it will say the tune isn’t compatible with your ecu and won’t load to the ktuner