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  1. Civic owners in Buffalo/WNY

    That's funny so does my dad, 2015, they aren't picky about what cars people bring to the group unlike some others i've heard of. Ill DM you the info, feel free to call him with any questions and im sending you the NEQ website and the event registration website as well.
  2. Civic owners in Buffalo/WNY

    I doubt I will be able to make the opening, but in case you or anyone else is interested in other track events or HPD my father and uncle are high on the totem pole of the Audi NEQ club and both are track instructors so let me know I can share the information and get people hooked up. Great...
  3. Civic owners in Buffalo/WNY

    July works for me as well
  4. Civic owners in Buffalo/WNY

    Sounds like another good possibility to me
  5. Vs WRX (very happy with mods)

    I know in map 3 sport mode I see up to 26 psi at WOT so that's probably the difference described
  6. Color choice?

    This. I don't regret going with the black color, but you really have to commit to keeping it clean to truly enjoy it.
  7. What to do about dealer joy ride?

    Sorry to hear that man, so glad I don't plan on bringing my SI back there since I drove it off the lot.
  8. What to do about dealer joy ride?

    Prepare for war! Thats what i would do anyway...
  9. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    Awesome thank you so much for the breakdown!
  10. New 2018 Si Owner

    That question i'm not sure about so I will hope someone else can answer. And if anyone could give you the best estimate it would probably be DROB if he sees this.
  11. Motegi MR145 Tracklite 3 - Black or Bronze?

    Thanks everyone! I ended up going with the Motegi MR131 Matte Bronze :thumbsup:
  12. New 2018 Si Owner

    Let me beat everyone to it and tell you to skip the BOV since it really messes with the ECU. :dance: 280hp with those bolt ons is going to mainly rely on your tuning but I believe that number is a bit high but i may be wrong., normally flex fuel or an upgraded turbo are seen when the numbers...
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    Which side skirts are these?
  14. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    Would anyone be able to elaborate a little bit on how some of these specs effect how the springs perform from a driving standpoint such as tracking the car or what to expect handling-wise (other than the lowering)? If not I will ask my best friend google for some reading material
  15. Thenice Window Vent Scoop

    I voted yes because they don't look bad, so really its up to you if you like them or not ;)
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Thanks! I purchased these precuts from ebay|Submodel:Si&hash=item2ac49ed1a3:g:ligAAOSwcSJcZu7B Applying it is pretty simple just move slow, I used a credit...
  17. What's your SI looking like today?

    Finally put on the chrome delete I've had sitting around and a quick wash... Some came out perfect but some didn't take quite right so it will have to be redone but the look is great. Can't wait to get my summer wheels on her.
  18. Hello!!!

    I'm in the same situation with a new set of wheels and looking for summer tires, could you let me know about any good offers currently also? Thanks.
  19. Civic owners in Buffalo/WNY

    I second that question haha
  20. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    If only your Civic took down the 100K+ car! We might have to pray to you. Or start throwing things at BMW. Maybe both