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  1. Can’t get audio to play from USB while watching videos

    Have you checked the video files on a computer to see what audio format their audio is? If they're any kind of multi-channel format instead of stereo, the headunit probably doesn't have the necessary codecs to understand them. If that's the case, you'd need to reencode the audio portion of...
  2. HELP! iPod Skip

    If it's at the beginning of audio tracks - i.e. when you change tracks, you get static during the first 5 seconds or so, then the problem can be fixed by removing the album art from all your files. I also get it sometimes when loading a large playlist and in those cases, it doesn't go away...
  3. Audio Upgrade with new DSP w/ stock Head Unit, Need some opinions/advice

    Yeah, the OEM volume control will work doing it that way.
  4. Audio Upgrade with new DSP w/ stock Head Unit, Need some opinions/advice

    FYI, if you use the SPDIF, you won't be able to control the volume from the headunit. The Helix probably has an optional accessory you can buy to control the volume through it with a rotary knob instead, but I personally wouldn't want to give up the steering wheel volume controls, or the...
  5. Anyone else have a Phoenix PX6 10.4" Android HU?

    There is your problem. What you've done here is hooked the speaker outputs on your new headunit to a connector in the dash that doesn't have any wires that run to any of the car's speakers. That's why you're getting no sound. To clarify further, the cheaper Civic models have a headunit that...
  6. Touring Subwoofer Possibly blown

    Though it's not for a Touring, here's a video showing how to remove the rear deck to get the factory sub out (the process is the same):
  7. I have a 2019 Honda Civic SI with premium sound system- sub woofer advice

    To add to the above, I think the idea of wanting a "true" source is misguided. For one thing, the DSP inside the factory amp has already modified the signal you'd be tapping into. The other thing is, modern processors like the LC2i are extremely good about adding very little distortion to the...
  8. After Market Headunit for the Premium-Audio-System?

    If you want to JUST replace the headunit, then no. If you're planning to install a new amp and speakers too, then yes. You'd just install the headunit, run its audio outputs back to your new amp, and run the amp's outputs to your new speakers.
  9. Anyone Succesfully auto-starting the DSP Flat script?

    This is normal. A flat output sounds like absolute garbage in a car. Typically a curve something like this is what people aim for when tuning an aftermarket DSP: This flat DSP stuff is mostly a red herring. The only time it's needed is when you have another music source in the car you also...
  10. Need suggestions on Door Tweeters

    You can make it fit pretty easily. Here's my tweeter, which has a 2" (51mm) frame diameter: Some details on the installation of it here Based on the small amount of plastic I had to trim out, I think 1.758" will fit with no trimming.
  11. A new - better Direct TPMS system

    There's another advantage, too, based on an experience I had two weeks ago. I left home and thought something felt strange with how my car was accelerating as soon as I pulled out of my driveway. Once I was up to speed, I turned my radio off to see if anything sounded strange, and it did...
  12. Issues with high output alternator.

    Ah, that does make sense, and makes it seem odd that it would light up everything else on the dash. The voltage being too high seems like the only likely explanation to me, too.
  13. Issues with high output alternator.

    Is the unit you bought marketed as being compatible with the Civic? Since the computer tells the factory alternator to stop producing electricity much of the time (to save fuel), it might be the computer freaking out when the aftermarket alternator isn't responding the way it expects it to.
  14. Opinions on my audio build

    I don't think the FiX-86 gets you anything that you wouldn't get from the FiX-82 in this setup. I'm not totally familiar with them, though, so I may be wrong. All DSP's add some delay, so it's just a question of whether the delay is too much. With the option DRC-100 controller, you can put the...
  15. New Kicker Hideaway 10

    Yeah, I do wonder about the fact that they only added 30 watts of additional power. Unless the 8" had more power than it needed, it seems like that might not be enough for the 10" to reach its potential.
  16. New Kicker Hideaway 10

    It's not just slightly larger, though - it has 56% more cone area. Larger speakers usually have a higher xmax, too. I don't see the sub specs on these Hideaway boxes, but assuming they're using their Comp RT slim subs, the xmax for the 8" is 8mm and for the 10" is 10.5mm. Using this...
  17. shutdown keyless

    I think the antenna you want is the one that's under the rear package tray/deck lid (on a sedan, at least). That grey horizontal bar near the top of the image above. I believe that's the one for the keyless entry, and the one for the keyless starting is in the rear of the center console:
  18. Starting a complete audio build, 2 way active front stage, DSP, sub.

    Yeah, I think you will be fine. The wire you used probably has thicker insulation around it than the stuff inside that 9-wire, so the copper inside will be farther away from the copper in nearby wires.
  19. Starting a complete audio build, 2 way active front stage, DSP, sub.

    I can't say with certainty that they haven't changed things in later model years (though I doubt they would within the same generation), but for the '16 at least, the OEM amp doesn't have any problems with any of the speakers being disconnected. All the speaker output wires on my OEM amp are...
  20. Starting a complete audio build, 2 way active front stage, DSP, sub.

    That's me! I got some more confirmation of this recently,by the way.. I'd noticed that sitting still with the engine off, I could hear some hiss from my speakers even if the headunit volume was all the way down. If I hit mute on my DSP, the hiss would go away. So I thought maybe the DSP...