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  1. New FX400 clutch kit installed

    Interested in hearing how this works out. CTR retro is a bit steep for me, but if I'm investing in a new clutch I only want to do it once, so I'll go for quality.
  2. Spacer Recommendations

    I debated putting spacers on, and wound up saving for wheels instead. It's around $300 for quality spacers and around $1000 for wheels, and I felt the wheels would be a safer option as well.
  3. Coupe’s

    Konig Dekagram, 18x8.5 and 35 offset.
  4. Coupe's Placement in the Lineup aka the most USDM Civic

    I knew this simply from trying to buy aftermarket tail lights for my coupe (they don't exist yet). Most cosmetic pieces are for the sedans. It does make sense, as coupes are not really practical as a family car or for cargo hauling. However, due to the absence of any competitors in the compact...
  5. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    I think with the current pandemic affecting the global economy and manufacturing, it is very unlikely to see any big changes in the near future. When the economy tanked last time, we lost several brands and many models of vehicles. I'm guessing any funds that were headed towards retooling...
  6. DEPO smoked side markers

    Definitely check out the Unity Performance lights, they are hands down the best looking and based out of Canada which makes it better for you.
  7. What color is your Civic Si?

    I'm curious what the results will be. Not to mention I've seen plenty that people buy because they are a great factory car, and they have no interest in the community/modding aspect of them.
  8. AVS Low Profile Vent Visors Coupe - Install Warning

    I just cut off the tabs with a Dremel and sanded them smooth. But I agree, they shouldn't have been there at all. If you jam them in, your windows won't close.
  9. Any options for a TALLER shifter?

    I bought a couple of tall, cheap shift knobs off Amazon to see how I liked it. The first one was 8 inches tall, and felt like playing a slot machine with how much of a lever it was. In first gear, my hand resting on top was halfway up the radio screen. Went with a knob half that height and it's...
  10. Coupe’s

    Most guys start with tint, but apparently I'm saving it for the end. Most of the chrome is gone, though.
  11. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    Finally got some new shoes, Konig Dekagram 18x8.5 with 35 offset. I'd like to lower it at some point, but I need driveway gutter ramps first.
  12. Headlight recommendations

    No worries, the bulbs are incredibly easy to change on this. Simply pop the hood, twist and pull. No bumper removal or wheel well access required, unlike some other vehicles *glares angrily at SUVs*
  13. Headlight recommendations

    LEDs will give you decent output but a rediculously long life span. HIDs will give great output and long life. Halogen bulbs are not worth the cost, in my opinion.
  14. Civic hatchback Sport vs Elantra GT N-Line

    I bought my Si in May of 2018. They announced the Veloster N in July. I've never been so mad at myself for being impatient.
  15. Dealership Maintenance Question

    It varies by dealership. The one I go to asked if I wanted my engine air filter replaced when I had a PRL intake, so obviously they don't go looking for it. I would definitely revert to factory tune and take Ktuner out, because that will give you a leg to stand on if you need warranty coverage...
  16. Maperformance exhaust opinion

    Oh man, I really just thought I screwed up when I installed it because that one pipe hangs down a little. Glad to know I'm not alone! And yeah, if I felt like replacing the locking nuts and crawling under my car I might mess with it once the weather warms up, but for now it's not worth the trouble.
  17. Maperformance exhaust opinion

    I went street exhaust simply because I didn't want to be too over the top. My commute is mostly highway, and I typically cruise around 2500 rpm with no drone. Pops and burbles are usually in that 1st to 2nd shift, especially if you have rev hang enabled (or no tune at all). Since most of the...
  18. Taking Scrub Radius into Account When Changing Wheel Offset

    I'm in the process of choosing wheels myself, however I'm not planning on lowering mine since I'd have issues using my driveway. Keeping offset close to stock will be optimal for longevity, for sure.
  19. First new car in 13 years - I feel like Rip Van Winkle

    I actually just started with Android auto a few months ago, I was still using my iPod up until then. Once Apple said they were moving away from iTunes, and my iPod was over 10 years old, I decided to join the modern world with Spotify since I have an Android phone.
  20. First new car in 13 years - I feel like Rip Van Winkle

    Same here, my last car before my '18 SI was a base trim 2005 Toyota Matrix (Corolla hatchback). I installed an aftermarket radio, amp and sub right after purchase, so all that was from 2005 but it had an iPod cable so I used that for all my music needs. I had to pull over in an empty parking lot...