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  1. Saw this on ebay...

    I wouldn't trust that seller. Here's what he said was fixed on this one: ""Replaced parts: Right fender, Right headlight, hood, front bumper, Rad/condenser and grille. All the work has been performed in our bodyshop."' What a joke...
  2. 1st 2019 Tonic Yellow Pearl Civic I've seen in person (Video)

    First one to hit my area. I didn't care for the color in person. It does stand out, but it's not yellow enough for me.
  3. Manual transmission rare?

    For the heck of it today I looked at one of my local Honda dealers. They only had 2 hatchbacks in stock: Sport with MT & a Type R. Crazy??
  4. 23,095 Civic's sold in January

    Found my answer: 31,669 thru May

    Hey American Honda, how about a EGP hatchback or better yet a YELLOW. Even a yellow coupe would be great. You got new "Helios Yellow Pearl" for the Fit, spread the wealth. :bow: Sorry :topic:
  6. 2017 Civic Type R window sticker reveals $33,900 MSRP!

    I was at my local Honda dealer today looking at the SI. I asked about the Type R, it was sold already. 40k It was red.
  7. H H Auto Wheel Co?

    Anyone have experience with them? Prices seem great as I see used going for higher. Plus free shipping. Hatch Sport $199.95 Touring $169.95
  8. 2018 hatchback model changes?

    Adding a new color would be cool. :)
  9. What did you pay?
  10. F/S: 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring Wheels & Tires

    I've decided to go in a different direction now. My love for the center exhaust just couldn't over ride the things I don't care for or need in the sport :)
  11. 23,095 Civic's sold in January

    Is there a site or maybe a data report that shows Honda sales by models of the Civic? Hatchbacks-Coupes-Sedans It would be interesting to see how many Honda Civic Hatchbacks sold vs the Civic Sedans. I remember once reading they sold 1 couple to every 7 sedans. Thanks!
  12. Where are the Manuals?

    Wow, was I surprised to see 2 MT's available in my area when there are only like 60 in total on Both are at the same dealership. Sonic Gray & Aegean Blue
  13. New Hatchback Commercial

    ""the theme of the first Civic hatch promo is this: you've got an underground assembly line where angry robots made the car sitting underneath the regular line for vanilla Civics. It's dark, it's scary, and all the robots look like they might punch you in the teeth. But instead, they punch in...
  14. Hatchback - What did you pay? Here is invoice pricing, thanks to CivicX member Chart. LX manual - $18,313.29 LX CVT - $19,083.90 Sport manual - $19,794.84 Sport CVT - $20,835.15 EX CVT - $21,184.34 EX-L CVT - $23,089.74 Here is...
  15. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    NY $147.50 in fees + tax + plates Tax 8.75% Doc fee $75 Title fee $50 Tire fee $12.50 NYSI $10
  16. What did you pay?

    Deal of all deals... $3687 off sticker on a 17? Seems like way less than invoice?
  17. Honda's Site - Hatchback Build Tool is Up

    Seems to be back up and working :)
  18. 2017 Sport Hatchback 6MT

    I see this car is still listed for sale on their website. I would of thought it been long gone by now being a MT. I'm watching them in my area and sales are very slow on all hatchbacks.
  19. Where are the Manuals?

    Funny thing, I did the same search. Of those 400, ten are in my area, I was surprised.
  20. Where are the Manuals?

    Still haven't seen any Sport manuals in my area yet :( Been watching closely the cvt's and of the 6 only 1 sold.