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  1. Emissions systems warning

    I don't have any mods. I put the post in the forum because I do have a Ktuner. My suspicion lies more with wonky sensors. For example I consistently get a brake warning if I'm on a residential side street doing approx 33-37 kmph. Twice auto braking has occurred for no reason doing 50 on a...
  2. Emissions systems warning

    Hi all, After getting groceries yesterday, I started the car and instantly had an emissions warning. Complete with CEL. I turned it off, waited 20 seconds, turned it back on and got the same warning....and then every other warning from auto high beams to lane keep assist. I drove a little...
  3. Hesistation/Stutter at Low RPMs - Tweaked Starter 21 KTuner

    I have the same issue with the manual on a sport touring here in Canada. Occurs under low rpm, low throttle. I've flashed back to stock twice for services and have never experienced the stutter. In stock, I can even be one gear higher and have no issues compared to the tune.