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  1. How To/ DIY

    order it from Japan
  2. Veloster N Pre Production Review

    thank you all members for help
  3. Civic Si Insurance Rate

    Mine was i think 96.00 a month.
  4. Clutch issues

    I have not had any issues with mine.
  5. Oil

    Cause Honda doesn’t actually make their own oil.
  6. What did you almost buy? And why you chose the Civic

    bcause honda civic mean speed
  7. Installed Teinz Flex Z coilovers.

    thank you for pics and explication
  8. Hondata Si choices.....

    Make sure you downloaded all of the calibrations when you downloaded the software
  9. 2018 Sport display issues

    Have you tried pressing the power button?
  10. LX hatch wheels and spacers question

    hi i find your thread interesting.
  11. What Is Rev Hang?

    There’s no argument
  12. 2016 Touring vs. 2015 Civic Si

    me also i love honda civic .
  13. ABS Disable

    you must search on catalogues
  14. Because 'Murica

    thank you for sharing with us.