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  1. What does this part exactly do?

    Thanks! I'll buy another one soon lol
  2. What does this part exactly do?

    Ahh I see. Thank you!
  3. What does this part exactly do?

    Hmm maybe? But it was behind the bumper lol
  4. What does this part exactly do?

    So this part ended up coming loose on my car today. The clips somehow came off, and my dad said this part was useless so he just cut it off. Can anyone tell me the function of this part? I plan on seeing if I can find one online and putting a new one on soon.
  5. HB folks. Did the tint place charge you more for the rear hatch?

    I was charged more. Although I think my dad was able to get me a discount with his broken English haha. They said they had to charge more because of the shape of the window on the hatch
  6. Who else couldn't care less about "infotainment"?

    Same here. As long as I have a head unit that can play music from my phone, I'm content. I don't need the UI to look stunning, or it to be super quick or anything.
  7. covid 19 gas mileage

    The range indicator is just an estimate. It fluctuates based on your driving, so you shouldn't be worried about it too much
  8. Do we have any Legal ground to stand on against the dealerships in the US on mark up?

    I mean the MSRP is really just a guideline, not a price that's set in stone. It's ultimately up to the dealer to set the final prices on their inventory. Just because Honda's MSRP is at $30,000 or something does not mean the dealers have to sell it at $30,000. Basic supply and demand: if a...
  9. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Yeah I'm gonna start using a touchless. Maybe I'm not doing it right, because my car wasn't really clean after I did it. I did all the steps but the brush. and dried my car off afterwards, but it just didn't look the same as when I went through the automatic car washes. Idk, I think I'll buy...
  10. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    You sound like a child
  11. Almost died on the highway today

    Oh wow that's terrible. I don't actually think this guy was a fake cop though, it's just a little running joke we have in our town: Anyone with an all white charger is a wanna be cop, because they are identical to our police cars, minus the lettering on the sides and the lights and such haha...
  12. Jms chip

    I've seen something similar to this called Pedal Commander. It doesn't tune your car or anything, just changes the throttle response times so you can get a faster response when accelerating, making it seem like you're going faster. At least that's what I gathered from the product description and...
  13. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Yeah, I actually had some time today so I went to those hand car washes you put quarters into
  14. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Well I live on the second floor of an apartment, and there really isn't a place I can use a pressure washer haha
  15. Almost died on the highway today

    I've had something similar happen on the highway. There was traffic and everyone hit their brakes all of a sudden, so I had to swerve off to the side haha
  16. Almost died on the highway today

    Oh yeah I'm always extra careful. People just don't care
  17. Almost died on the highway today

    Good idea haha. Yeah, I plan on getting a dash cam soon... When the stimulus check decides to actually hit my account :rolleyes:
  18. Almost died on the highway today

    Thanks haha I need to get one definitely.