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  1. Wind noise from driver's window?

    Mine does this too since day one. So what is this secret fix that stops the wind noise?
  2. Only had it 3 months...

    Sorry to hear this,glad no one was hurt. I know it sucks but cars can be replaced,your life cant be. Good to see the airbags deployed. Hope you get it back the way it was.
  3. First Oil Change

    Im with you on that.If i was to only keep it for 4-5 years i would follow the MM too as the car will still have a ways to go before any issues may arise if changing the oil per the MM intervals caused a problem,which i dont think it will. I really want mine to last 200,000+ because after the...
  4. Better Feeling Manual Shifter

    Cool,this looks promising
  5. First Oil Change

    I drive @90% highway miles so i was guessing i would have went 10,000 miles easily before hitting 10% oil life.Way to much to go before changing my oil.I need this car to last 200,000 miles at the least.I bought it to be my mule to travel to work and save miles on my Tacoma 4x4 and to save money...
  6. First Oil Change

    Hit 6400 miles today with 50% left on the oil life meter Went ahead and changed the oil and filter at the dealership,wont be going beyond 5000 miles from here on out. My dealership agrees with my idea of 5000 mile oil changes and not the MM oil life
  7. When to: Oil Change!

    Update on my oil life- 70% at 4200 miles
  8. MPG for 2.0 NA Engine with CVT

    My 2017 LX is a manual but i am getting 40-41 mpg on the hwy and i keep the speed between 68-70 I have never seen my mpg drop below 40 mpg between fill ups.Best i have gotten is 44mpg and thats with winter blend gas,summer blend should net 2-3 more mpg
  9. 30% oil life with 3,000 miles

    I am getting 41-42 mpg with the winter blend gas and i hardly use the brakes. Hoping to get at least 200,000 -300,000 miles which should take me 10-15 years to get.Thats why i bought it to be a mule to drive back and forth to save miles on my Tacoma
  10. First Oil Change

    When i bought mine the dealer put the oil change reminder on the inside of the windshield and verbally told me to change it at 5000 miles which i intend to do. I am thinking my oil life will be at 70% when i hit 5000 miles
  11. Manual Transmission Weirdness When In 4th Gear

    I drive all highway so i am not in 4th gear very long to have noticed if mine does this or not
  12. NC Folks!

    Nice choice in color neighbor:thumbsup:
  13. When to: Oil Change!

    I am now at 3500 miles with the same 80% as i was with 2300 miles 90 miles highway and 6 miles of side roads a day 2.0 LX coupe 6 speed
  14. 30% oil life with 3,000 miles

    2.0 6 speed coupe- 3500 miles at 80% oil I drive @96 miles a day all of it highway except 6 miles of country side roads.
  15. Cracked Windshield

    I have my insurance set for a $0 deductible on my comprehensive coverage.Only costs me an extra $16 every 6 months I had a rock fly p and hit my windshield when i had less than 1000 miles on my coupe in the upper passenger side Put a small nick in it but no cracks yet.
  16. NC Folks!

    Saw a green coupe this afternoon,we both stared at each other and turned our heads as we passed :p
  17. When to: Oil Change!

    Hit 2300 miles earlier this week and oil life just went to 80%
  18. Is auto heat/cool worse?

    I dont ever use the auto function,takes too long to get me comfortable
  19. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Vacuumed it for the first time and checked the oil :p
  20. How do you feel about the steering?

    3-4 times easier than my 2011 Tacoma 4x4. Feels like butter,i like it