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  1. Is it just me or is this paint chipping way too easy?

    My Honda and Toyota both have way to many paint chips on the hood. My two Fords and my last Dodge Ram have none. There is definitely something different about the import paint used, and not in a good way.
  2. Apple CarPlay issues

    Hehe. Best reply I’ve ever had. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Happy Friday!
  3. Apple CarPlay issues

    I tried three different Apple brand lightning cords. None worked. They all work in the Ford.... I don’t own any third party cords. But thx for the suggestion...
  4. Apple CarPlay issues

    I just got my new F150 two weeks ago with CarPlay. There hasn’t been one single issue yet with it. It has been perfect. I’m using the same iPhone 7plus, same lighting cable, and have 11.3. The problem seems to be with the Honda, not Apple. Because of Honda’s we don’t care attitude, is why I’ve...
  5. Apple CarPlay issues

    Just how do you go about reporting CarPlay issues to Apple? I have posted to the forums on the support site. But never got a response. You can’t call and talk to a service rep about CarPlay issues. Honda, not my dealer, but the factory tech rep told me they don’t care if CarPlay doesn’t work. He...
  6. The Oil Thread

    Thanks for your input, I know you are just trying to help. But I really just don’t want to deal with GDI anymore. I just ordered a new F150 5.0, and will sell the Honda in a couple months when it arrives. Yes, the Ford also has GDI, but Ford does it right. It also has port injection that runs...
  7. The Oil Thread

    I don’t think so. Unless the mileage doesn’t return to normal in April when we get off the winter blend fuel. Then, hell yes I will....
  8. The Oil Thread

    I have lost 3 mpg, but I have been attributing that to the winter blend gas used in our state. All vehicles lose about 10% gas mileage on the stuff. I won’t know how much I have really lost until spring?
  9. The Oil Thread

    They may not look that bad by DI standards, but they look terrible by port injection standards. With a port injector, you wouldn’t see that much buildup with 200,000 miles on them, let alone 20,000. That’s why I am rejecting GDI.
  10. The Oil Thread

    Yes I’m stock. And I use various brands, but only fuel with a top tier rating on the pump. Plus I use Techron fuel system cleaner every 5000 miles. The fuel isn’t the problem, because the inside of the cylinders and the injectors are squeaky clean. The problem is the fuel doesn’t get to the...
  11. The Oil Thread

    Or just not drive DI engines....
  12. The Oil Thread

    Because it is oil vapors from the PCV system that are causing these deposits.
  13. The Oil Thread

    The results are in, and NOT very good news i'm afraid! Honda's Earth Dreams has become my nitemare! At 20,000 miles, using nothing but top tier fuel and amsoil SS 0W-20 oil, The intake ports and valves are all coked up with hard carbon deposits. Take a look at the pics I just took with my...
  14. Relocating the block heater cord

    i did mine myself, but on a 2.4 Accord. Had lots of room and was very easy. Don't know about your cars access though? Good Luck
  15. The Oil Thread

    Good to know. I just turned 20,000 miles so am going to borescope my intake valves to see how they are doing on Amsoil SS? Will let you all know when I do.
  16. 1.5T AMSOIL SS 0W20 UOA Thread

    You must always wipe a cold stick before checking the level, because cold oil will wick up the stick over night.
  17. The Oil Thread

    Yes I have read about that GTL process, Gas to Liquid. And yes it is very clean. They can also make diesel fuel from it, that also burns ultra-clean. Don’t know why it hasn’t caught on better yet. Would love to hear about your results? I love others being my beta testers for me..... j/k
  18. Anyone using MT Gear oil other than Honda brand?

    Motul is a true PAO group 4 synthetic. And is excellent. Is the same stuff as Amsoil. You can’t go wrong with either one.
  19. Anyone using MT Gear oil other than Honda brand?

    The same stuff I’m using. How often are you changing the Amsoil in your RSX?
  20. The Oil Thread

    It is group 3 hydrocracked dino-oil. Just like most of the other oils on the market falsely marketed as synthetic. I wish the API would step in and force the oil companies to clearly differentiate between real group 4 and 5 true synthetic oils, and the highly refined and hydro-cracked group 3...