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  1. Indiana Drivers?

    Although the temp is plummeting into tomorrow, it looks like good crisp turbo weather. I was thinking of road tripping to the brown county area for some good curvy roads. Anybody have suggestions? Seems like the roads I pick out always are really rough and patchy.
  2. Indiana Drivers?

    What/where is GRP?
  3. Indiana Drivers?

    Occasional lurker here from the Indy area. Just dropping by to say, "Hey" to my fellow Indiana Civic X folks.
  4. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey (All Models)

    Vehicle: 2019 Civic Si Sedan Total tuned time: 1 month Total tuned mileage: 1,500 miles. (9150 miles on car currently) Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: Factory/19.5PSI sport Fuel used: Shell 93 exclusively Additional engine mods: K&N filter with factory box/piping...
  5. WTB Ktuner v1.2

    PM sent.
  6. WTB Tire and Rim

    Yepp, Fishers is my more specific location. Know of any car enthusiast events, clubs, etc. in our area? I’m relatively new to Fishers.
  7. WTB Tire and Rim

    Looking to buy a tire and rim 235/40r18 to use as a spare. Can be used. Just looking for function, not style. Located in central Indiana and would entertain shipping if the deal is right. Thanks all. Matthew
  8. FS: Si Shifter Parts

    Yes. Sorry for the delay. Bump.
  9. Would You Have Preferred a Sunroof-less Si?

    I personally enjoy it. From a manufacturing side, in order to help keep things lean, I’m guessing Honda tried to reduce the amount of vehicle combinations that would be needed to be assembled. The population of other civic trims that have a sunroof sold versus no sunroof trims is greater I...
  10. FS: Si Shifter Parts

    Bump. Any interest in the linkage or cable lock?
  11. FS: Si Shifter Parts

    Base bushings have been sold.
  12. FS: Si Shifter Parts

    All messages replied to.
  13. FS: Si Shifter Parts

    Bought these to upgrade my shifter system, but since my wife has to drive the car on occasion, she didn’t like the changes. Tried the shifter linkage first before I spent the time installing the other things. That’s why the shifter linkage is the only thing opened. If I hope to have rides home...