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  1. Hondata flashpro on stock civix

    This looks like a good place for you to start
  2. First Time Honda Sports Car Owner!

    Now those are some rare factory wheels you got there. Doubt you'll see another Si around with those!
  3. Coupe window trim rotting

    I think I saw gtman recently replaced his. I assume you mostly leave your car parked outside?
  4. My Honda Civic lx

    Since Honda already has put factory turbocharged engines in 10th gen Civics, aftermarket manufacturers are not really interested in developing one for the NA 2.0L engines. A tuning device like KTuner will be your best bet for adding a little power. Check out our engine tuning sub-forum here for...
  5. Stage 1 Tune from TSP

  6. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Tough to say since I haven't been to a track and the placebo effect may be at play, but for the few times I have had to brake late before a stoplight the car felt more firm and stable while coming to a sudden stop
  7. (New to Cars) Help understand what is what

    Cats are more commonly found along the exhaust underneath the car, which is why you'll read stories about thieves cutting them off of other cars to sell the valuable materials they contain. Perhaps this crime trend is why Honda *cleverly* decided to put ours into a much more difficult area to...
  8. Ktuner plugged in all the time?

    My V2 stays plugged in and I've had no issues thus far. However, I have seen one or two posts on here saying theirs might have drained their battery. Jumper cables are good to keep on hand just in case
  9. JetsVinyl chrome delete

    Could wait until next week?
  10. K&N air filter bad for 2018 Si ?

    I'm fairly certain there are many K&N drop-in filter users on this forum, me included, that have had no issues with our MAF sensors. The only thing to keep in mind is that letting more air in to your engine for performance will also mean decreased filtering of said air
  11. Used Car market going up means my 2018 Civic is worth more than I bought it for

    Your ego seems to be much larger than any current inflation rate, maybe that's what is causing all these prices to go up? :hmm:
  12. 10th gen si single exit exhaust

    This is absolutely obscene, you need a NSFW warning on these photos
  13. Used Car market going up means my 2018 Civic is worth more than I bought it for

    Our cars should have depreciated by thousands of dollars for each year of ownership from new, immensely overshadowing the couple hundreds of dollars "inflation" would be adding to the price. Inflation alone cannot explain why after 2 years KBB is claiming my car is worth almost as much as the...
  14. Honda club in ohio

    First rule of Ohio Honda Club: don't talk about Ohio Honda Club
  15. Will a tuner/programmer be able to disable the speed governor?

    The 2.0L engines still have some form of it
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    I don't think I've seen anyone do that mod on here
  17. 2019 Honda civic si coupe questions

    Sport mode does 3 things from the factory: 1.) Stiffen suspension 2.) Add steering weight 3.) Increase throttle response
  18. Does a BOV void the warranty?

    It voids your ability to receive any sympathy from this forum when things go wrong