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  1. Is my cvt dead or are these mechanics trying to scam me

    You could dump the fluid, if there's chunks, you need a tranny.
  2. Is my cvt dead or are these mechanics trying to scam me

    I don't think Honda's ever claimed it was lifetime fluid.
  3. Is my cvt dead or are these mechanics trying to scam me

    Fair enough I guess. When was the last time you changed the tranny fluid?
  4. Is my cvt dead or are these mechanics trying to scam me

    You asked for the mechanic to check it, and left a bad review because you didn't like the answer?
  5. Interior plastic cleaning

    Honestly sounds like a simple "clean it better" is needed. Especially with sticky liquids.
  6. Humor me for a minute guys

    Sure, if he pays first.
  7. Headlight Oxidation

    Lamin x claims it protects from UV, so that should work fine. Just replace every few years.
  8. Paint Warranty/Recall

    You can ask the dealer, worst case they say no, but a 2018 shouldn't be losing clear coat yet.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Replaced my wifes cheapo ebay type r spoiler with the Pro Civic spoiler.
  10. Hatchback Bumper Repair, help!!!

    The diffuser isn't painted I believe, just shiny black plastic. Unless it's an aftermarket replica. I could be wrong but I've never seen an unpainted (not gloss black) OEM diffuser.
  11. What would you do? Car accident

    The other guy fucked up by telling you he's a delivery driver. More than likely his insurance doesn't know that, and will either raise his premium or drop him altogether for it. The only "favor" you can do for him is leave out the delivery driver part when you file the claim.
  12. Si 2017 Si Transmission into 2020 Sport Hatch

    There was another user that swapped in the LSD by itself I believe. Not sure which route would be easier/cost effective.
  13. Small dent removal

    If it's on the ridge, you're better off getting a professional
  14. Exhaust recommendations?

    Front pipes don't have cats. Going to a larger diameter will increase sound slightly.
  15. Mystery Car in Oshawa

  16. 27Won Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Highly recommend upgrading to rampage titanium studs if you plan to remove the DP more than once.
  17. Has there been any case of hydrolock with 27WON's CAI?

    I doubt it's possible. The filter is placed like a ram air, and the box has a small vent hole on the front and the top. You'd have to be flooring it through at least 2ft of water to even consider it
  18. 1.5T Cvt went bad

    If the dealer finds ANYTHING wrong, which sounds like they will, they're going to want to replace it since they don't "fix" transmissions, and can easily deny warranty if they dig just a little. Hope for the best, expect the worst.
  19. Brake Service

    Keep track of receipts, and I think the manual has a section to log maintenance. Most likely you'll be out of warranty before any of those parts fail from lack of maintenance anyway.
  20. Brake Service

    You could jack up the car and inspect it yourself, and then clear the MM