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  1. Help.

    A friend of mine on Clublexus has a 2020 A91 Supra, she's definitely a beauty. He actually likes driving his full bolt-on 2007 IS350 better. His A91 is his weekend/track car. I wish I had that type of disposable income. Unfortunately all my money is sunk between my portfolio and property! Sorry...
  2. The manual transmission is not dead....yet

    I still have friends I haven't turned off notifications yet...LOL
  3. Blown 4th Gear?

    You don't have anything to worry about. The OP is full bolt-on, if I remember also running ethanol, and above 300 whp. As long as you don't have any plans to do full bolt on, build out your motor etc. you're fine
  4. Blown 4th Gear?

    Damn, that's the same gear oil that goes in my Diff. Those are some heavy duty gears. Your going to have fun shifting when those Ohio winters come around. Or not :)
  5. The manual transmission is not dead....yet

    I'm glad this post got resurrected! For some of you new guys on this forum, I moved on from my 2018 Si to a Lexus IS350 with a 6 speed auto, and I totally don't regret it. I'm 53 years old and grew up on manuals, that's all I drove in the 80's and 90's until I got married. Then went back to my...
  6. How do I go about upgrading my internals?

    Is that for upgrading internals or buying and installing the already built block?
  7. How do I go about upgrading my internals?

    @kshawn can probably answer this best, but it would probably be cheaper and save you time to buy an already built block from Two Step Performance
  8. 4th gear is no more 😬

    We need a video or it never happened
  9. 4th gear is no more 😬

    If you dropped the subframe, one hundred percent you need to get an alignment. It would have definitely shifted. When I changed out my LCA bushings, my alignment was off a bit
  10. 4th gear is no more 😬

    That's it?? I was expecting you to do something more like this: Unfortunately someone made a left turn right in front of me prematurely ending my fun :(
  11. Blown 4th Gear?

    @arpypat beat me to it. I do a lot of trips from NorCal to SoCal doing about 80 mph, over 4K would be a very unpleasant experience, especially if you've done a performance exhaust
  12. Blown 4th Gear?

    Just keep in mind, it's a much smaller ratio, more built for the track. Your going to lose speed at the top plus you are going to be at higher RPM's cruising on the hwy, making going 70 mph a louder experience. As others have already mentioned, you might be better sourcing a used trans
  13. 4th gear is no more 😬

    I've got to say...awesome job so far. You've inspired me to find an MR2 next year for the 3.5L Camry V6 I have sitting in my mechanics garage (he's not to thrilled about that!)
  14. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Oh crap, I thought you were serious for a second...
  15. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Man, I was ready to splurge and get you any 1 foot Subway you wanted, no questions asked. And that was without a coupon!
  16. 4th gear is no more 😬

    Hey @kshawn , I need help rebuilding my transmission. I mean, how complicated can it be? BTW, lunch...on me!
  17. Higher ECT Temp on 5w 30 oil

    They did say (both Mobile 1 and Amsoil support) that higher viscosity can cause higher oil pressures which would cause additional heat build up, but I didn't think that would affect ECT. The only way to know for sure is to go back to 0W20 and see if the ECT goes back to 179. Although I don't...
  18. Higher ECT Temp on 5w 30 oil

    Oil viscosity debates like political debates can get quite contentious, so I generally stay out of them, but for what it's worth, in 2018 I had a discussion with an engineer at Mobile oil and a technical support person at Amsoil (separate email discussions), and both told me generally the same...
  19. I hate my car....48k miles later

    As a former 10th Gen Si owner, I really loved the car, but there were definitely small quality issues that I could see would become bigger problems, like rattles in the pillars and dash, suspension noise etc. I did drive it hard for 17K while I owned it, and never had any engines issues. I had a...