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  1. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    That’s a good question. But unfortunately not really possible to eliminate wheel to fender gap without lowering the vehicle. I would say 18x9.5 +38 with 265/35/18 tires would do the trick. But keep in mind that different tire manufacturers can run wider than others. For example, a Yokohama...
  2. Racebred Components FK8 quick release splitter brackets

    Racebred components have opened up their FK8 chassis mount Splitter bracket preorder! Use Promo Code CW20 for a 20% discount at checkout.
  3. Racebred Components FK8 quick release splitter brackets

    Lol yes he’s trying out different splitters. His current one is custom made by my friend Amir at RSFuture. At least we agree on the aero balance. Splitter length is one thing. If most people are running stock with power around 400hp, 1” of splitter performance can be made with suspension...
  4. Racebred Components FK8 quick release splitter brackets

    No because their system requires you to tighten/loosen a few bolts when you install or remove the splitter.
  5. Racebred Components FK8 quick release splitter brackets

    Understood. Aero will work based on how YOU need it to as a driver.There’s a balance to it. No set method as to the fastest option. Take a look at the Art of Attack CTR build for some useful tried and true performance from a great team and track driver. Same goes for USR with a great build.
  6. Racebred Components FK8 quick release splitter brackets

    so much misinformation here. A 3” blade will provided downforce regardless. 4” rule of thumb? @Jotun Please share your info on this. Of course the longer the blade the more downforce, to say anything less isn’t going to make a difference would be wrong. All of my splitters I’ve used on my CTR...
  7. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Yeah many make their own, no issues on that front. Good luck and be sure to show us!
  8. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    I used 4 and those brackets in the photo. I have two as spare for the moment as backup if I have a failure on track. Ideally would like the fk8 Racebred brackets, but I don’t think they’re ready yet.
  9. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    I assume you mean for the splitter.
  10. Honda LogR released in France

    Bigger question is, who will come out with a hack to allow owners (2017-2019) to have it working on their cars 😬
  11. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    I can help spread the word and send them your way.
  12. FK8 radiator fan

    Apologies Michael, like I've said on the CTR Track FB group, thanks for the clarity and hoping to see on-going positive track tests. I'll add that I would jump on replacing my current upgraded koyo radiator.
  13. FK8 radiator fan

    Jason at USR and Luke Wilson from 4Piston shared the same thoughts on the CTR Track FB group. Seems to be a great option.
  14. FK8 radiator fan

    Michael, my intentions are not to be negative. All of us track guys will question a "cure-all". That's great if it really does help, but please forgive me if a fellow Track goer asked for a little more data. I have no experience at thunder hill west so awesome if it cured the overheating. I even...
  15. FK8 radiator fan

    Got it. I don’t think you were going fast enough to overheat, no offense Specially with those tires. I’ll just post these quotes from fast track guys: And a reply from someone who got the race version of the radiator and t In conclusion, a radiator does not fix the issue.
  16. FK8 radiator fan

    What’s your track time for thunder hill?
  17. FK8 radiator fan

    Agreed on all points. I have all the cooling mods, during the end of my hotlap I shift early around 5k rpm. I immediately begin a cool down afterwards, otherwise 1/4 of the way into the second hotlap my temps rise to 250F+ (monitored via my oil temp gauge).
  18. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Yes I keep in touch with them. I’ll definitely grab a set when they are ready for production! I had tried to retrofit one of their s2k quick release mounts but couldn’t make it work without removing the brake ducts.
  19. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Sure thing! I use the included elevator bolts. I’ll update my posts with photos of that.