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  1. Weird smell after driving CTR

    Maybe a critter was hanging out near the turbo? LOL
  2. Weird smell after driving CTR

    Maybe it was lunch ;-)
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Not going to lie for a brief second I thought about it. But then thought how life was before, without a nice light weight (Honda) that didn’t cost 100k. So I’m going to keep it, buy another platform and see how it goes. Been looking at the new hideous M3. Already sold my daily luxobarge. Thought...
  4. RSR Forged - 18x9.5" et40 - ...built for the Type R

    @Puma they can basically do any color. The pricing and quality are great. I myself am ordering another wheel as I curbed one.
  5. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Video on LE suspension and commentary vs non LE from previous review (same driver):
  6. MAPerformance FK8 Type R Intake PRE-RELEASE Information Post!

    I ask because with the PRL I have to remove the box…
  7. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    This is why I asked my question about if the throttle map was locked. But like he said, you gotta pay more or maybe it’s not an option. No matter the case I personally want full control over the throttle map at all times, not just once. I’ve refined mine over the years.
  8. Phearable Tune for the FK8

    I have customized my throttle map for all modes, especially comfort. I don’t live in a smoothly paved state :-( Will your tune lock this customization out?
  9. Just wanted to post this - For those who cant get a Type R right now

    My concern with the 400z is that it is a still somewhat a 370z. “But it’s different!” At this point, there are tons of aftermarket parts. I would buy a 350z and do it up, and probably get the same or 90% of the enjoyment for 70% off of the price. If the car was vastly different my opinion would...
  10. Back ordered/long wait support thread

    I feel embarrassed but i ordered an item and it’s been 14 months so far. So long in fact the seller’s system tried to auto close the order as “complete”. Nope, no where close.
  11. Type R Intercooler

    665x177x87mm It’s basically 2.5% the size of the PRL except it’s tube and fin. In my book that’s a win.I bought it last year and couldn’t be happier. Side Note, I have a brand spanking new :cool: and unused Mishimoto Intercooler I bought prior to the C&R/PWR. I’m looking to sell the Mishimoto...
  12. Hm Fujitsubo...

    Annnnnd how bout another angle,
  13. Hm Fujitsubo...

    I want buuut maybe not the way it looks.
  14. 2018 vs 2021 Type R Impressions

    What? They’re the same gears and final drive....
  15. 2018 vs 2021 Type R Impressions

    Well as an AP2 owner I’d have to disagree. The AP2 had different engine, diff, springs, rim tires sizes, front and rear bumper, exhaust tips... To me the 2020 is like an AP1.2 Maybe one can compare the LE as an upgrade from an AP2 to a CR. Though that came with a hardtop.
  16. Randomly Blown Bottom End

    In winter, 93 basemap, with Hondata TC enabled, front pipe, PRL intake, exhaust, I had to lower my AC, and add some fuel in a voltage ranges (can’t remember). From the logs I would get peak fp duty when rolling low speed wot, hondata TC was engaging, with cold tires and cold pavement. I can see...