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  1. RV6 vs PRL Motorsports Downpipe?

    Both are great down pipes
  2. KTuner Tunerview app colors are Limitless

    Will this @KTuner be available for the iPhone sometime here in the near future?
  3. GAS Civic Hatchback Spoiler

    Please lemme know where to buy one of these?
  4. Official CRYSTAL BLACK PEARL Civic Thread

    Love my CBP hatchback sport
  5. 27WON Exhaust for Sport/ST

    Very intrresting in the exhaust
  6. NSX and SI Coupe

    I watched a review on ignition on NF and the only similarities are the door dingy sound.
  7. Just picked up my 2018 sport hatch. Have a couple questions !

    @KTuner will getcha going with more HP gains than any bolt ons.I run custom Boost by gear calibrations in both my CivicX EXT and Hatchback Sport and couldn’t be happier.Headlights aren’t my specialty but will be watching what y’all choose to use. :wave:
  8. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    My 16 EXT has 7600 and my 17 Hatchback has 4500.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Not sure,Check out eBay that's where I bout mine.My lid on mine is real leather I purchased from Redline goods.The side piece are from eBay.Ive blacked out the white thread on mine a few weeks ago with a black permanent marker.
  10. Ebay PU leather arm rest covers over cloth (install)

    Received my covers on Monday.Ill install this weekend
  11. Performance upgrades on a CVT?