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  1. Humor me for a minute guys

    The guy asking to try wheels on is hilarious, I'd tell him to kick rocks.... small rant, I hate that this has become the normal. Small companies, and guys starting their small business feel it's okay to take people's money, only to deliver a product a year later or never deliver it at all...
  2. MAPerformance Street vs Race sounds for Type-R

    Well you definitely aren't getting "less or none" from switching exhausts. You're going to get more, and usually a more boomy low toned drone. The HKS Legamax on the stock downpipe has very little drone, pretty much stock levels and will give you a nice louder sound on full throttle while still...
  3. MAPerformance Street vs Race sounds for Type-R

    If you're that sensitive to sound that you notice drone on the stock exhaust, you probably should be careful with which exhaust you get. I've had multiple exhausts that had ranged from stupid loud, with a ton of drone, to quiet exhausts with minimal drone all on a catless downpipe. If you don't...
  4. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    If you only want a street maf for dealer visits as you said, wouldn't it make more sense to just swap the stock airbox back on temporarily instead of buying another MAF housing? The only reason I could see it not making sense is if you weren't mechanically capable of swapping them easily, which...
  5. Optimal Intake Air Temp

    Makes sense, I like drag racing it is hard to keep temps down with this car. That downpipe puts off a ton of heat into the intake and inlet area after each run. The car is really consistent though at putting down power and pretty consistent down the strip even with a bit of heatsoak. I'd get a...
  6. Optimal Intake Air Temp

    Before you start going crazy like that, you'd be better off just getting a vented hood. There is only so much you can do to control temperature, it is always going to get hot especially daily driving. Track cars run vented hoods, headlight intake ducts, cut up bumpers, etc... I don't think...
  7. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    I got nothing but time today man lol. I just think it's funny because you keep saying I don't get the point of your thread. So I am just wondering, are you really this dense or are you trolling? Just to recap: 1. Your initial post says you regret getting a Race MAF because you might need to go...
  8. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    Sport hatch owners are really something I tell you..... :rofl: I should have read your other posts and realized the kind of person I was talking to, Mr I blew up a v6 camaro. :rofl:
  9. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    So what you're saying now is your running it without a tune? Not that you "regret it because you need the street for regular check ups" like your original post says? Lol boy you could have just posted "Bought race maf without ktuner/hondata will my car blow up?" Civic owners these days..... :doh:
  10. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    You really don't, you posted a guy's video who points out "it sounds like it's misfiring" but you still want to hear about more people who did it. That guy got Ktuner and uploaded a tune later on anyways if you go through his comments. The Race MAF housing doesn't require a special "tune" for...
  11. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    FYI the civic is not unique, there are plenty of MAF based cars. When you mess with the MAF housing size, you throw off the map that the car was designed with. You end up with idle issues, misfiring, CELS, fuel trim issues, etc..... Cars that are speed density can run different sizes of intakes...
  12. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    I am not missing the point at all. If anything you just made a pointless thread because it sounds like you want to run a Race MAF on a stock tune car. Your original post was about running the intake to the dealer for maintenance, recalls, etc... I gave you a solution earlier that is fairly easy...
  13. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    Sounds like you just want to run a Race MAF on a stock tune car. Just do it, and see what happens. It's not gonna blow up your car, you'll quickly learn why you can't and shouldn't.
  14. Delete this thread tired of arguing with a child :)

    You can actually just undo the large hose at the bottom where it connects to the plastic tube that puts the filter in front of the wheel. Throw the stock airbox on and upload a stock tune or basemap to go in for service. Then go back and put the intake back from the inlet pipe to the big plastic...
  15. Perrin Rear Motor Mount Inserts

    Not very long for me. Maybe its just the 1.5L mount. I sold my stock mount with the inserts installed to a guy with an Si and he said it didn't have much increase in vibration.
  16. Perrin Rear Motor Mount Inserts

    It will mellow out over time. The 1.5L seems to make a bit more vibration than the K20C1 but I could hardly notice the Perrins after they broke in.
  17. Exhaust recommendations?

    It sounds like ass, you can easily search "muffler delete downpipe civic si" on youtube and find videos.
  18. Mishimoto Race Intake R&D Thread

    Since you need a tune for this intake meaning Hondata/Ktuner, you can bet there is a slim to none chance that it will be carb legal.
  19. ebatr24's ABM FK8

    Added some updated pics to the thread. Haven’t updated it much since I got the car.