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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Some kind of Hyundai. The plate frame probably needs to go. I had it on my normal plates.
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Guess I won’t be robbing any banks any time soon:
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    So many people bailing out! I won’t do it. My last Carvana offer was $40890. Problem is that I can’t replace all of the CTR’s functionality for less than that. So instead of selling I doubled down and ordered new wheels.
  4. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    Looks like Project Kics monoliths with red caps. I’ve ordered them in neochrome for my incoming 19” TS-5’s, but was just informed they are on a nationwide 3-4 month back order. Bummer.
  5. FS: BC Forged RS40 19x9 +50

    I can’t believe these haven’t sold. They look awesome.
  6. 2020 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    I dunno. I think changing drivers to suit the cars introduces too many variables. You couldn’t fairly compare times at that point. It needs to be a top gear stig-esque setup. I will also add that I’m not surprised by the results. I think Thomas is on point. The stiffer shock setup isn’t going to...
  7. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    After reading every page of this thread over the last year, I finally caved and ordered 19” TS-5’s in satin titanium this weekend. They will be my daily wheels. I’ll save the cheap Motegi MR924 for track/autocross. I have no intentions of ever lowering the car, and I really think the 19” looks...
  8. Paint protection film (ppf)

    Seemed reasonable to me. They had the car for a week, so it must have been pretty labor intensive. They treated the car well. No joy riding or anything.
  9. Paint protection film (ppf)

    I think I paid $400 for the tint and $800 for the coating. That was a year ago and the thing still beads water like crazy.
  10. Paint protection film (ppf)

    I recommend total image window tinting in Chattanooga. They did Xpel Ceramic tint on my CTR and Ceramic Pro coating. Both products were of great quality. They do Xpel branded PPF, which i hear is pretty great. I deeply regret not doing it immediately. I already have 10-15 paint chips and I’m not...
  11. Rear brakes

    If it has a “ringing” tone to it, its totally normal and happens all the time. Something to do with the LSD I think.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I finally ordered forged wheels. I’ve been all over the place and almost ordered TE37’s, RSR’s, and Titan7’s in the past. Finally settled on 19X9.5+45 Titan7 TS5’s in satin titanium. I haven‘t ordered tires yet. I still have 3-4k left on the OEM tires before I need to make a decision. I’m...
  13. Washington Motegi MR924 19x8.5 and Spare Tire Kit

    Bump to add that those looking to autocross in D street class can do so legally on these wheels.
  14. Touring to LE reflash(EPS, shock damping)

    Isn’t the LE change just to account for the weight loss? It may not be beneficial to normal CTR’s.
  15. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    I used an extension arm this past weekend. The video is usable, but not ideal. The arm is also visibly flexing in the corners and was touching my helmet at some points.
  16. Ceramic coating quote

    I’ve been pretty happy with my “marketing trash” ceramic pro. It’s coming up on one year on the car and still beads water like crazy. Makes washing so much easier. That price is a bit lower than what I paid.
  17. Washington Fs: Mugen dampners, Spoon Sports, Brembo

    What do the performance dampeners do? They almost look like stabilizer bars, but I'm not sure why you would want a dampener in that location.
  18. Paint Imperfections

    Did the dealer put some type of paint sealant on? I had a spot like that on my CW car, but it was just a high spot in the ceramic coating. It polished out easily.
  19. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Just as an update to this . . . 10 hard starts at autocross this weekend. Zero grinds. If it comes back I will look at adjusting the clutch, but I really think I was just screwing up my timing when it happened for the first time.
  20. How much did your car tag cost?

    $39.00 including the mandatory $9.00 emissions test. No property tax on cars in TN. I did pay 7% sales tax when purchasing though.