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  1. Humor me for a minute guys

    Nope. Not without leaving the full asking price in cash as a deposit at the least.
  2. Bov pops

    Unburnt fuel in the exhaust, you're running rich probably between shifts.
  3. Stock SI on Phearable 1.5 tune - what's the next move?

    Intercooler is the best move. Intake next. Downpipe will help with power but do nothing for IATs. And yes, a RSB upgrade makes the car handle so much better!
  4. Civic Si/Sport Lip without winglets?

    Yeah, lips falling off is install error.
  5. MAF scaling on locked tunes

    I'm guessing this would open the door to way too many issues on commercial tunes where people who don't know what they're doing will mess with the MAF. Giving users access to air or fuel on tunes like that might be a disaster. Wouldn't hold my breath unfortunately.
  6. Tylers 2020 Si motor rebuild

    Awesome!! How did you get the ball bearing W2? Didn't think it was available yet.
  7. E85

    No. The fuel system can't handle full E85. E30-E40 is recommended for a reason. Much past that, the injectors can't keep up.
  8. New York KTuner V1.2 w/3 Tunes

    FYI the tunes are not transferable across all model years so you're really limiting your potential customers by trying to get money back on your tunes. You can already get the V1.2 with TSP 1/1+ or Phearable 1.5/1.5R for $449. You need a much lower asking price to move a v1.2. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Next round of upgrades on deck.

    The part number shows 19301-*FK7*-001 so I'd say no.
  10. Ktuner expert needed.

    Whoops good catch, thanks. OP, good advice above. I would try a higher quality fuel.
  11. Ktuner expert needed.

    Knock count isn't an issue, only a red flag when you see dozens or hundreds over a very short time. Your knock control is fairly high though. What fuel and what tune? Other engine mods? Are you dealing with high ambient temps? We need a lot more info than just a snapshot of two numbers.
  12. Post your pets!

    Retired racer, greyhounds are the laziest dogs in existence and complete sweethearts.

    Can't remember if I asked before, did you install block guard / closed deck mod?

    I think asking Mishimoto directly would be the best option.

    Hmmm.. @360glitch ? @MAPerformance ?

    The MAP kit is also using busa studs, where is the two washers figure from? And is that using 60 ft lb still?
  17. New wheels and tires set up

    Looks good. I almost went 245/40R18 but decided to go for 245/35R18 for better clearance as I'm already on sportlines. You will need a fairly mild drop to run those tires without clearance issues. H&R, whiteline, and eibach pro kit are worth checking out.
  18. Left my Civic Si in garage for 6 months.. fluid change???

    I would do oil at least, it's cheap. Especially if you are like me and would want to blow out the dust after 6 months. Brake fluid might be a good idea but not a necessity.

    Thickness of the MAP spacer vs ARP washer (a set of 10 came in the stud kit). I'd much rather pay for the machined and chamfered spacers than stack 4 washers. Feels jank.
  20. Manual Transmission differences between Si and non Si

    Definitely will! My engine build is still not finished, COVID + machine shop delays etc. have fucked everything up. The Wavetrac was a bit more than the MFactory I think, but it was in stock and when I was buying it I (foolishly) thought it would be going in immediately - so I picked the faster...