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  1. Fuel trim hot weather

    2019 HB sport CVT KTuner/TSP1. I have no other mods. Not even air filter. Fuels trims were perfect until 2 days ago. The 95 degree weather came (Florida) and all of a sudden I’m at -13 even after 30 min of light driving. Does temp affect trims?
  2. WTS: Hondata

    Use IMWs trade in program if you want KTuner.
  3. Cvt Overshooting boost targets 26psi

    Yep. I had this same question. Derek told me that during simulated “shifts” it will overshoot occasionally.
  4. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2019 Civic Hatchback Sport Total tuned time: 6 months Total tuned mileage: 10000 miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V1.2 Tunes used: KTuner 21, TSP1 Fuel used: 93 Octane Additional engine mods: N/A Problems/issues: None Driving style: Occasional spirited driving
  5. First Boosted K20C2!

    Altamonte Springs.
  6. First Boosted K20C2!

    Yeah, I was waiting until the weather got a bit cooler to head out there.
  7. First Boosted K20C2!

    I'm close if you want to run at Speedworld. CVT with TSP1. That is all I have.
  8. Knock control question

    Yeah, I've actually got this knock control thread and the one about BOVs saved to my phone. I just thought it was interesting that the knock control was different on same tank of gas. As @PowerPerLiter stated, I just went for another run and it is down to .55.
  9. Knock control question

    Appreciate it.
  10. Knock control question

    I have been running TSP tune on my CVT hatch. Yesterday, after filling up with 93 octane from Sunoco knock control was at .49. This morning, (just for fun) I flashed back to Ktuner 21 duel with adjustments maxed out and drove for about 60 miles (not hard). Knock control was at .65 the entire...
  11. Myxal Ram-Air Intake

    Hey @Myx why not just run the canned tsp1 tune? The boost is like 25-26?
  12. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    Thank you. I flashed back to stock until this tank is gone.
  13. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    Fuel question. Normally run the TSP1 map all the time. Wife put in 87. Can I just run on factory map included with tune or should I actually flash back to factory?
  14. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    You can also email TSP or IMW and they can make map 3 map 1 for a small fee.
  15. This car is completely different in high temps

    Those temps are crazy to me. I live in Orlando and even driving around on a 100 degree day I see an IAT of 135-140 and IAT of 105 with a stick intercooler.
  16. Ceramic Coating Recommendation

    Armor Shield X also works great.
  17. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    I live in Orlando and have been running this tune for the last 2,200 miles. It is great. I notice that my after intercooler temps are between -18 and -25 below prior. You will be fine without it. I have a 2019 and the stock intercooler works well.
  18. TSP Stage 1 for Non-Si Civics - Additionals ECUs Now Supported!

    Nah, TSP is great. You will likely have it today.
  19. Blown Engine "Fear Factor"

    Statement of the day! "If your taking up the banner of defending grown ass people who make choices and don't like their outcomes and expect to get bailed out... well... you're going to find this world exhausting."