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  1. Fx250 with smf or CTR Retrofit

    very similar feel. almost the same pedal pressure. i removed the clutch delay valve so i could get better feedback and that helped me a lot.
  2. rampage drop in turbo

    its a type r turbo, not for si.
  3. Warped rotor

    these tend to pick up a lot of gravel that gets caught under the disk sheild. it makes a lot of noise then gets chucked out. no damage. just annoying.
  4. Warped rotor

    dealership did the work. but the wear pattern is solid with full contact.
  5. Reverse gear problem

    i use second. roll up the the parking spot in first. stop. into 2nd gear. into reverse. back into spot. no prob.
  6. Warped rotor

    at 40kmiles my fronts started the wobble. warped roters replaced by dealer. rears did it at about 60k. i read somewhere that if you use ebrake with them hot after a hard session then they will warp. since i was doing track days and autocross, i can see this could be the cause. now that i see...
  7. Built-In HUD (Heads-Up Display)

    hrmm. i would love it except for 2 things. i use the obd2 port for the ktuner 2.0 my wife is short and would have the display in her line of sight.
  8. What is wrong with my phone connection

    i use the same setup. s8 and 18si. android auto plugged in. the mic filtering is not very good in these at best. the fans off helps a lot. never had the underwater sound unless there was a cable issue. it is very picky about good usb cables to the car. get an expensive braided one and see if it...
  9. Car battery on 2018

    the Usa version of the car has a very small battery. check around to see what solutions others have used. i have heard of some lipo conversions and some that just keep a booster pack in the trunk.
  10. Yes, I have an addiction. And it's been going on for a while. Details inside.

    followed your posts for a long time. MC and Happy New Year
  11. dealer stole mods from my car

    or a guy that works on auto pilot.
  12. LED Question

    i had a car i was following the other day. he slowed down and got behind me then proceeded to flash his hi beams at me for a couple miles. so i slowed behind him and showed him what hi beams with leds were really like. he didn't bother me anymore. satisfaction . but i do feel for others that...
  13. LED Question

    in rain at dusk the leds " shine " big difference.
  14. dealer stole mods from my car

    update: they gave me a free oilchange to cover the mistake. as long as i check the levels and underplate afterwards then i am good with that as they have always used good oil.
  15. Are aftermarket clutches bad for our transmissions?

    okie. 10k to go. lets see if they die.
  16. Are aftermarket clutches bad for our transmissions?

    why not? rather beat on a 25k car that can take it with a few mods than buy a 150k car and try to make that hamdle it.
  17. Are aftermarket clutches bad for our transmissions?

    the only real concern other than the clutch is the rods. the si rods handle lugging no problem. i did the clutch because i wanted to use the low power band without smelling clutch. no rod problems or anything.
  18. Are aftermarket clutches bad for our transmissions?

    lots and lots of miles(90k km) on clutch masters 300 using stock dmf. other than learning to leave the line without it shuddering i have had no lockout or slippage. no failures. i did cdv delete too. i DRIVE it too. not just baby it. my stock clutch was slipping at 5k if that says anythong about...
  19. dealer stole mods from my car

    i am getting up in age and have a hard time climbing around a car. so i have to trust someone to work on it. last time i tried someone else they had to to it to honda for clearing honda specific codes. rock and a hard place.
  20. dealer stole mods from my car

    nada on the invoice. they probably "forgot" they put it in after they read the work order said no air filter.