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  1. Help in initiating complaint procedure I was hoping that someone could direct me toward starting in

    Just an update. I contacted Honda through their online complaint form on September 7. I received a call today saying that they received my complaint and would assign it to someone. The conversation began with the representative telling me that the conversation was going to be recorded for...
  2. Realistic expectations for a daily driver

    It is disturbing on a new car when it gets chipped. Those minor chips happen. My 2006 civic lasted 10 years. My 2016 civic is black, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem to maintain it. Actually, I seldom wash or wax mine and it looks good. I go over it once in a while with a California...
  3. Torque spec civic rear caliper bracket

    I just saw the online shop manual with the torque spec for the rear caliper bracket on the 2016 civic. It’s 80 ft lbs. The pins are 18 just so no one gets confused.
  4. Help in initiating complaint procedure I was hoping that someone could direct me toward starting in

    Thanks. Sorry the thread title got messed up. I thought I saw some other information in the forum about using the complaint procedure to hold dealers accountable but I couldn’t find it. I’ll call Honda and ask.
  5. Help in initiating complaint procedure I was hoping that someone could direct me toward starting in

    I was hoping that someone could direct me toward starting the official complaint procedure with Honda. I would like this to end up in some sort of arbitration if necessary. It’s not the biggest deal in the world but it’s a matter of principle to me. I took my 2016 civic to the dealer...
  6. Does a dealer really not do a honest job? (Like changing the oil filter?)

    I do my own oil changes, but a couple of years ago, I took my civic to a Honda dealer for an oil change in the middle of a really cold winter. When I next changed the oil, I saw a Fram filter on the engine. No big deal. A filter is a filter in my opinion. But I was surprised.
  7. Honda's $400 Oil Change

    On my Civic, I empty the glove compartment. Then while it’s open, push inward on the plastic tabs that serve as a hinge. The compartment then opens all the way and the cabin filter is exposed, although it is recessed. Pull the cover of the cabin filter off and take the filter out. Put the other...
  8. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    The OBD connector on the civic isn’t working. So my bidirectional tool which would have backed the parking brake off didn’t work. I’ve tried other scanners and they don’t work either; so I know it’s the connector. It just doesn’t connect. So I took the two hex head screws out of the actuator...
  9. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    Thanks again for this. I just finished the job. It went perfectly.
  10. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    I turned the caliper face clockwise. It just doesn’t go in enough. Maybe if I do something with the actuator that will solve the problem.
  11. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    By the way, do you know the torque spec for the rear caliper bracket? I removed it to change the rotor. I torqued it to 54 ft lbs. which was the setting for my 2006 civic.
  12. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    Thanks. I saw that and I appreciate it. The manual I’m using suggested that the brake retracted automatically. I’m not sure how to remove the actuator. I’m jacking the car up again now.
  13. 2016 rear brakes worn out

    The same thing happened on my 2016 civic EX. 30,000 miles. Front pads fine. Back rotors deeply scored and are delaminating. I changed the rotors, and I screwed in the back calipers in all the way, but neither caliper will go in enough to allow me to put on new pads. I have to reuse the older...
  14. Torque spec civic rear caliper bracket

    Thanks. I have to say though the rear was really tight. I tried to take it off with a right angle Ingersoll rand impact wrench. That wrench can take tires off. It wouldn’t budge. I had to use a regular impact.
  15. Torque spec civic rear caliper bracket

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know the torque spec for the rear caliper mounting bracket on a 2016 civic? I looked at an online service manual I subscribe to and it said 80 foot pounds. That’s pretty tight. I have the 2006 civic shop manual...
  16. Brakes

    Thanks. I hadn’t seen those posts. This came out nowhere for me.
  17. Keyless entry system failure

    It has happened to me several times. I just use the key when it does.
  18. Brakes

    Not exactly sure where to post this. There is a section for brakes but I don’t really see anything posted there about brake repairs. 2016 civic EX. I like the car. I’m really disappointed though that Honda doesn’t have better quality brakes on the car. I had a 2006 civic EX and those brakes...
  19. Walkaway door lock feature

    If it beeps once, the door is locked. If it beeps three times, it’s not. I returned to my car several times to find out that it wasn’t locked until I realized that I had to listen carefully for the sounds before I walked away.
  20. Oil change at honda dealership?

    I paid $34.99. I just paid once and change the oil myself now. I rotate the tires at every other oil change. Probably no different than firestone for an oil change. I had the oil changed on an older Honda I owned some years ago, and then changed the oil myself the next time. I saw that the...