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  1. Burger motor sports intercooler

    Bumpin this up, somebody’s got to have more info!
  2. Burger motor sports intercooler

    Yeahhhh, I’ve yet to see real data though. I might have to buy it... FOR science!
  3. Burger motor sports intercooler

    Any body have real data on this? IAT/IAT2 before and after? Seriously contemplating getting this, I’ve read some good reviews but have yet to see any graphs or screen shots
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    Very nice set up. I’m looking something that looks good and is as close to stock loudness as possible. Car looks bad ass, nice build
  5. What's your SI looking like today?

    What exhaust is that? Is it loud? Also, what suspension are you on?
  6. What did you drive before your 10th Gen Civic?

    1: 1995 f150 flare side 2: 1993 civic hb 3: 1989 oldsmobile station wagon 4: 1995 Chevy suburban 5: 1992 trans am GTA 6: 1993 fox body 5.0 7: 1989 Ford wagon 8: 1992 thunderbird 9: 1999 Jeep cherokee 10: 2007 Kia forte 11: 1989 caprice station wagon (yes I love wagons) 12: 1992 240sx w/ red top...
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Can hardly tell. Looks great!
  8. What's your SI looking like today?

    Is that the stock rear lip? Looks good with that exhaust!
  9. is this right?

    Loved my s13 rest too, always wondered why there was sooooo much fumes in the cabin, that makes a lot of sense! It definitely added to the ‘race car’ experience being able to smell how hard you were rippin it!
  10. Downshifted to 1st doing 75 mph on the highway

    Sounds like a close one there eh
  11. California: stock si wheels for sale

    willing to drive to meet. PM an offer
  12. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Carbon wrapped my shifter trim and my door handle trim. Turned out pretty sweet! More than likely going to do the other silver door trim piece and the reading light bezel.
  13. Has anyone used SLiPLO?

    Where’s the pics?!?!?!
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Put the smoked stock wheels on my si today. Small details that will set the (mostly stock) exterior apart. Don’t see a lot of other coupes with these. In other news, stock si wheels for sale, DM for details
  15. Uniden R1/R3 Hardwire Mute Button/Alert LED Center Console Mod

    This makes a lot more sense! So the big screen on the right is completely unrelated then. Where did you mount the radar detector, and does the mute/Dom turn off the lights in case you get pulled over anyway?
  16. Uniden R1/R3 Hardwire Mute Button/Alert LED Center Console Mod

    Can someone just explain what you’re wiring. It looks awesome, the button is super clean. Wiring looks doable if you enjoy things like that (which I do), but I’ve just got no idea what the heck the end result is for??? Is it a tuner? What is the ‘mute’ bottom for? And most importantly, does the...