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  1. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    I've seen 26PSI+ in gears 2-5. Most I've seen in 1st gear is 24 I think. Stock clutch and this was also before I put in my Race MAF intake.
  2. Official LUNAR SILVER METALLIC Civic Thread

    A couple years later but where can I purchase these side skirts?
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    Hentai on a government computer. You're brave my friend. I used to watch car everything, especially donut media and then some Fighter jet videos to use when I teach but at least I can use Facebook still similar to YouTube. Just not as much content.
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    LOL! Dude such a sad day when they took our YouTube away. I think I tried refreshing and retyping the website 20 times before I accepted it.
  5. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Agreed. Similar to downloading an app on your phone that was corrupted. Might not have anything to do with the app itself it could have been the way it was downloaded.
  6. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Bruh, for real lol! I mean can you blame him tho? I got a product everyone wants but ain't nobody willing to put in the work except me. Hell yeah I'd be charging the shit out of everybody, just like he doin. I mean I'm still gonna complain about it but I get it.
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    You work for the government/military?
  8. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Is there still like an 80 year wait time for his kit?
  9. I Effin love this car

    Yeah I got it reupholstered by a local shop as the cloth was a bit cheap for my liking. Especially the armrests. The leather is still shrinking so it looks a little loose except the drivers seat.
  10. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    Anyone know what Emann's clutch is rated for?
  11. Official LUNAR SILVER METALLIC Civic Thread

    2018 feeding it that 93 baby!
  12. I Effin love this car

    Love it as well. TSP 1+ tune, Continental DSW06's and full leather. Could not be happier. Coming from more powerful, more sporty cars there's just this enjoyment out of my Si I can't really explain.
  13. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    Sorry ya'll, I know I'm instigating. I'll stop.
  14. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Appreciate it. I'm looking into an intake in general. Leaning more towards PRL with their race MAF but still "window shopping"
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    What heat shield is that? I'm assuming that's a PRL short ram intake?
  17. Roadwire leather upgrade

    I let him rant cuz he gave me a good deal even though I know Katzkin would have been just fine but RoadWire leather has great reviews and have been around since the 70's if I remember correctly. Not saying this don't look loose it obviously does but he did show me his personal vehicle and...
  18. Roadwire leather upgrade

    Unfortunately brand new leather comes out looking loose and takes a while to shrink. If you look at most of the owners on the forum who got Katzkin installed, their photos show the looseness of the material. these photos were taken over a week ago and the driver seat leather looks tighter...
  19. Roadwire leather upgrade

    So here in the small town of Wichita Falls TX, there isn't much options as far as installers go. I found 1 in my town, as in only 1 installer and none other, who installs Roadwire leather. Never heard of it and inquired about Katzkin. After a 20 minute rant about how it's "cheap Chinese commie...